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7 Things You Need to Stop Blaming Yourself for to Be Happier ...

By Holly

We’ve all experienced guilt, but there are things you need to stop blaming yourself for. When something in your life goes wrong, it’s normal to think that you’re at fault. However, it might have nothing to do with you. Here are some of the biggest things you need to stop blaming yourself for:

1 Being Single

You aren’t alone because you’re an unbearable person. You aren’t alone because no one has the patience to put up with you. One of the things you need to stop blaming yourself for is your single status. You’ll find someone who is perfect for you, but it will take time. Nothing good in life comes easily.

2 Your Parents

When parents get divorced, kids blame themselves. It’s a natural thing to do, but there’s no reason for it. If your parents were meant to stay together, they would figure out a way to work out their issues, whether you existed or not. You’re not a problem for them. Chances are that having you was the best part of their relationship. They can never regret being together, because they got you out of the deal.


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3 Your Lack of Confidence

If you’re looking for someone to blame for your body issues, you can point your finger at the media. Your face and body are probably gorgeous, but you don’t realize it, because magazines glorify those who are stick thin and flawless. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of your lack of confidence, but you should strive to change your attitude. You don’t have to think poorly of yourself. You can tinker with your mind by using positive thinking.

4 Your Depression

Even if you have the best life, it’s possible to be depressed. Just like other mental illnesses, it’s impossible to avoid. You can’t blame yourself for being diagnosed with something difficult. You can only fight to get over your illness. It’s possible to live a fulfilled life, even though it will take a bit of work to get to a good place.

5 Your Mistakes

You have to take responsibility for your mistakes when you know you did the wrong thing. However, some mistakes aren’t really your fault. If you didn’t realize someone had suffered a death in the family and you make a joke to that person, you didn’t know what you were doing. Not all mistakes are blamable. You can’t waste your time feeling sorry over something that you never intended to do.

6 End of Relationships

Whether you’re suffering through a breakup or an important friendship just ended, you can’t blame yourself. People enter and leave your life for a reason. You’ll find new friends, so you can’t be upset over every friend that you lose. Of course, if you did something horrible that you need to apologize for, you should do so. You have to be able to realize the difference between naturally losing a friend and losing someone too soon.

7 Death

Unless you physically put a knife into someone, you are not responsible for their death. If drugs killed them, you can feel like you should’ve been there to help them get clean. If a drunk driver killed them, you could wish that you wouldn’t have let them drive home alone. Every single time a loved one dies, you’re going to find a way to blame yourself. However, you weren’t the reason that they passed. As impossible as it seems, you have to realize that you had nothing to do with the situation.

Whenever something horrible happens, it’s natural to blame yourself. However, you’re not always the reason behind your pain. Do you blame yourself for any of the things on this list?

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