8 Quotes to Totally and Completely Inspire You Today ...


8 Quotes to Totally and Completely Inspire You Today ...
8 Quotes to Totally and Completely Inspire You Today ...

A great quote is one that we can draw inspiration from and ultimately use as a personal motto for us to live our lives by.

Quotes are special because they hold such meaning that we can learn to understand and apply to our daily lives.

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"all We Have is Now"

"all We Have is Now" Treat each moment like it's your last, time is precious and nothing in life ever guaranteed, meaning you're not promised tomorrow or the day after, all we have is now!


"It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be"

"It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be" Don't question how good you are, everyone is good at different things and has unique qualities. Instead, question how good you want to be and use this as motivation to do your best and be the best person possible!


"Accept the Mystery"

"Accept the Mystery" Life is full of mystery, things we can't quite understand even though we desperately try to make sense of everything around us - naturally so. Instead, learn to accept the mystery and embrace it!


"do What You Love"

"do What You Love" Don't settle for doing anything less than what you love, this is when we lose motivation and spirit. On the other hand, when we do what we love we thrive and become driven to continue!


"youth Has No Age"

"youth Has No Age" Don't let anyone tell you that you're too 'old' to do something or be a certain way. Young has no age, you can't simply put a number on it because it's not always related to age. We can be in our late years and still young at heart!


"don't Let It Get to You"

"don't Let It Get to You" Don't let the negative things get to you. Life is constantly throwing curveballs and challenges at us, but if everyone let those things get to them no one would accomplish anything!


"Don't Die Hesitating"

"Don't Die Hesitating" Make decisions while you're able to and don't look back. Maintain as much certainty in your life as possible so you're making the most of every precious moment we have!


"wild at Heart"

"wild at Heart" Live life passionately, take risks and challenge yourself in healthy ways. Be your own person and embrace leadership as you pave your own path in this world and don't simply resort to following others!

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These quotes actually are really inspiring


These quotes gave me lots of inspiration just reading them

Great quotes!! Also is that really you on your profile? You seem like a really nice person btw :-)


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