Fab Tips on How to Stop Slacking and Get out of Your Slump ...


Fab Tips on How to Stop Slacking and Get out of Your Slump ...
Fab Tips on How to Stop Slacking and Get out of Your Slump ...

I'm in a slump. It's huge. This is the place where seasonal depression, demotivation, and life-related clustermugs collide. I don't like anybody, I don't want to do anything, and I have no clue how to claw out of this hole I have so neatly dug for myself. You ever feel that way? Let's stop feeling that way. Let's dump this slump.

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Quit Staying up All Night

Quit Staying up All Night Easier said than done, right? Doesn't matter if you're out all night or simply up all night (me!), the lack of sleep plays a big part in almost every slump.


Stop Sleeping All Day

Stop Sleeping All Day Mostly because it makes us do this, in fact. Your body and mind get all messed up when this happens. It's self-defeat and we gotta stop. Start slow. Go to bed before 5 am and get up before 11 am.


Deal with Your Procrastination Problem

Deal with Your Procrastination Problem Also easier said than done, but it must be done all the same. Start small again, literally. Set small, easily attainable goals. Don't overwhelm yourself. Plan for time each day to accomplish your tasks.


Block Buzzfeed Forever

Block Buzzfeed Forever Not really forever, but definitely while you're trying to write, work, study, or finish any other task. Except bathroom tasks. Read Buzzfeed during potty breaks if you have to get your fix. (Author's note: please feel free to read All Women Stalk ALL THE TIME, though. Teehee.)


Stay off Social Media as Long as Possible

Stay off Social Media as Long as Possible Don't get sucked into the Twitterverse. Don't get pulled into a Tumblrhole. Avoid Facebook feuds at all costs. Save that stuff for your downtime.


Make a to-do List

Make a to-do List Every single day, make a to-do list. Include all those small goals and expand as you can. Even if you have to get really detailed, tell yourself to get out of bed, shower, brush your teeth, get dressed, and sit down at your desk.


Tell Everyone What a Slacker You Are

Tell Everyone What a Slacker You Are No kidding! If personal accountability and self-motivation are problems (me!), confessing your dirty little secret can help. Unless you're comfortable with lying to everyone, you'll soon want to have honest answers for all those questions about how you're handling your slump.


Search for Inspiration

Search for Inspiration What inspires you? If you can't find anything lately, go looking for it. Listen to new music, read new books, visit new places. You can even ...


Quit Your Job

Quit Your Job Quit your job. Look for a new one with another company or consider a brand new field. You can't thrive doing a job you hate.


Discover a New Hobby

Discover a New Hobby Hobbies can inspire you, too. They can also provide some much-needed downtime in which you're doing something creative, which can seriously uplift you. Fulfilling a hobby gives you a sense of pride, and that's often a springboard to motivation.


Seriously Talk to Somebody

Seriously Talk to Somebody Talk to a friend, a loved one, a counselor or therapist, a mentor, a spiritual leader, or anyone with whom you're comfortable. There might be deeper issues behind your slump.


Look for a Mentor

Look for a Mentor If you don't have a mentor, maybe it's time to look for one. Choose someone you look up to and admire, perhaps in your industry but not necessarily. You need someone to give you guidance, though, someone who makes you comfortable.


Try a Workout Regimen

Try a Workout Regimen Sometimes, all you need to get out of a slump are some endorphins. Getting more active never hurts, anyway, and with regular exercise, I promise you'll notice a difference.


Eat Food That Makes You Happy

Eat Food That Makes You Happy Not all the time, of course, unless health food makes you happy, then have at it. What I mean is, feel free to eat food you find delicious sometimes. Experiencing anything that you enjoy can jolt you out of a slump.


Come up with New Goals

Come up with New Goals If your current goals are hard to meet, maybe it's because you're not enthusiastic about them. Perhaps it's time to think of something new, something that makes you feel excited.


Think about Your Life

Think about Your Life A little introspection is always a good idea. Are you happy where you are, doing what you're doing, being the person you've become? If you answer "no" to any of those questions, it's time for a huge change.


Pet a Dog

Pet a Dog I am a firm believer that petting a dog fixes almost anything.


Let a Cat Judge You

Let a Cat Judge You And letting a cat give you that bitchy cat look will certainly help put things in perspective.


Remember How Frigging Awesome You Really Are

Remember How Frigging Awesome You Really Are Seriously. All day. Every day. All the time. You're awesome.

How do you get out of your slumps? For real, I'm open to suggestions.

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It helps to set small goals like you said in the post. Also, cuddling a cat fixes everything. It cures cancer. It saves animals. It can cure stupidity!! Jk nothin can cure stupidity😜

Looked at my cat next to me and he's just doing that weird thing where they sleep with their head upside down. I think I'm gonna do what he's doing and just got to sleep xDD

I needed this! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Seriously my Pug fixes everything! And a yoga class

Thanks for such a Nice and helpful article!

Easier than done hehehe but i hear you

Love this

Uugh I've totally been in a horrible slump for months now! Thanks for this

Thank you for writing this. I suffer from depression and lately all I have are bad days, today I was upset thinking about what I can do, this helps! Also, it feels good knowing I'm not alone in the slump. :)

It helps to stay close to your family& friends when going thru a slump. Especially, the more positive ones. Give them a call, I promise you'll feel better!

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