9 Simple Ways to Spread Positivity Wherever You Go for Girls Who Want to Live Better ...


9 Simple Ways to Spread Positivity Wherever You Go for Girls Who Want to Live Better ...
9 Simple Ways to Spread Positivity Wherever You Go for Girls Who Want to Live Better ...

There are some simple ways to spread positivity everywhere you go. I'm sure you can think of people who just make you feel awesome when you're around them. You might also be able to think of people who make you feel miserable but let's not concern ourselves with these types for now and look at some of the simple ways to spread positivity everywhere you go.

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I Love Your Smile

photo caption, event, laughter, christmas, product, It involves very little but can make you feel fabulous as well as those around you. Smile at people you meet and greet. Ok, so some people might not be receptive and may look at you a little strangely but who cares! For every three people who think you're a weirdo there'll be one who will love your smile. So smile for them and for yourself of course and you'll spread positivity everywhere you go.


Body Talk

human hair color, beauty, lady, girl, socialite, The language you use can be a fabulous tool when it comes to spreading positivity. Think carefully about the language you're using towards others and yourself. Try not to use negative language when speaking about yourself and others. Think about body language too. The way in which you walk, talk and stand can speak volumes so be sure to be open towards others.


Happy inside

shoulder, standing, joint, arm, professional, Feeling happy in yourself is a sure-fire way of spreading positivity. If you're happy inside and in yourself you're more likely to be able to spread positivity. If you don't feel happy inside though, this might be difficult. Focus on all your positive qualities and this will make you feel great about yourself. Also, pay attention to the way in which you talk to yourself. Don't use self-harming language but instead, use forgiving and loving language when you're talking to yourself. Silence that gumpy gremlin who tries to plant seeds of doubt in your mind.


See the Good

photo caption, font, Seeing the good in others is another good way to spread positivity. If you constantly see the negative side of people, you will be bitter and angry inside. Nobody is perfect but no one is all bad either. We all have redeeming features so look for the good in everyone.


Awesome Affirmations

hair, human hair color, blond, girl, hair coloring, I love this idea. How about becoming an affirmation spreader by leaving post-its of positive affirmations wherever you go. Someone will pick it up and you never know, it might just make their day! This is another great way to spread positivity for strangers to find.


Acts of Kindness

socialite, Acts of kindness are another great way to spread positivity. Take some cake round to an elderly neighbour, friend or family member. Bake some cookies or candy for your work colleagues. It's a great way to spread a little happiness and positivity.


Positive People

human hair color, girl, socialite, brown hair, Surrounding yourself with positive people will make you feel great. It's far better than surrounding yourself with negative people. Avoid gossip mongers who try to spread negativity and if you do find yourself caught in the web of gossip then move away or say something positive about them.


Find What Makes You Happy

blue, fun, professional, girl, student, There are some things that may give people a momentary boost. Drugs and alcohol might make you feel awesome for a short time but once the effects wear off, you're left feeling lower than you were before. Find positive ways to feel awesome such as yoga, mindful meditation, volunteer work and exercise.


Laugh at Yourself

person, professional, human behavior, Don't take yourself too seriously because life is just too short. Learn to laugh at yourself and learn to laugh at your flaws because we all have them. I'm not saying you should be the clown who constantly indulges in self-deprecation but sometimes laughing at yourself and showing others that you're not an automaton who takes life too seriously is a sure-fire way of spreading positivity.

These are a few great ways to spread a little positivity everywhere you go. Can you think of any more ways?

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Love this ! =)

You love other people as u love yourself.


These are great and I agree!!!

Great article!

Really nice article! Thank you!

Laugh at others when the situation is too serious and intense just to lighten up the situation

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