7 Simple Ways to Become a More Verbally Articulate Person in Life ...


7 Simple Ways to Become a More Verbally Articulate Person in Life ...
7 Simple Ways to Become a More Verbally Articulate Person in Life ...

Some people are gifted in the area of verbal processing while others need to know and practice the ways to become more verbally articulate. Some speak so eloquently and with ease while others struggle to find the right words to say. I find that some of those people who do struggle are gifted in the area of writing and explaining thoughts beautifully on paper. If that's you, then keep reading! Here are some practical ways to become more verbally articulate that are extremely beneficial.

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Think First & Slow down Your Speech

, One of the best ways to become more verbally articulate is to first stop and think. Think clearly about what you want to say before you say it so that you don't ramble and stumble over your words as your thoughts come. Not only that, slow down your speech - there's no rush to get your words out and honestly, you'll sound more intelligent if you speak in a slower, concise way!


Avoid Verbal Pauses

image, screenshot, Pausing when you're speaking, even casually with another person, comes across as lack of knowledge and confidence. If you need to catch your thoughts, silent pauses are a much better alternative than "umm" or "uhh" because they show pensive thought!


Practice Communicating Verbally with a Close Friend

screenshot, If you have trouble verbally articulating your thoughts, chances are people close to you know your struggle. Practice having verbal conversations with those who care about you and whom you trust as often as possible! This will help you to become more articulate in unknown social settings and will boost your confidence in your ability to be understood and heard!


Know What You're Speaking about

person, official, profession, speech, Often times, it's easy to get caught up in a conversation that sounds interesting but you may not have much knowledge on the subject. Speaking just to speak and be a part of the conversation is a good way to stumble upon words and thoughts - no one sounds articulate in these situations where knowledge is lacking, and we've definitely all been there! It's best to stay silent and interject only when you know the topic well.


Process on Paper

screenshot, If you're an internal processor and need to write out your thoughts to make sense of them, then go ahead and do it! You will have something to refer back to and review what you've been thinking, you won't forget anything and you'll be better equipped to speak well when your thoughts have been processed. This works best with planned conversations or public speaking, but it also works when you just need to gather your thoughts!


Read, Read, Read

person, screenshot, Perhaps it's expanded vocabulary that's missing from your language skills or using proper grammar that's holding you back. In the times we live in, shorthanding and abbreviating everything and using slang, make us all sound less intelligent than we really are. Stop using these nuances to communicate and instead choose the proper form of words seen in all professional writing material. Read as often as you can to expand your vocabulary and knowledge!


Be Confident!

, Most importantly, be confident when you speak! Stand tall, make eye contact and don't nervously fidget. Slight stumbling over words will go unnoticed when you have the confidence in who you are and how you speak to others. Just remember that body language makes a huge impact when conversing with others.

I know many of you, myself included, struggle with speaking clearly. It doesn't mean you're not intelligent or that you lack strength in any way. We all need practice in certain areas of life. Hopefully this list will be helpful in making you feel more confident and assured! Are there any other tips you'd like to share?

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These are very good tips, and they explain many of my weaknesses. Advice well taken.

thanks for the tips! I really enjoyed reading and learning from this!

thanks for the tips! the thing is sometimes i find myself shy talking while looking into a person's eye. i find it awkward 😕

Good tips!

This is exactly what I needed, thank you!!

very helpful

Omg! This is my problem. Please tell us more!

thank you

You have perfectly described my almost daily communication struggle and have provide really helpful tips. Thanks so much for sharing!

Thanks for sharing this. Its really very helpful for me

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