How to Be Happier in Just One Week for Girls Trying to Improve Their Life ...


How to Be Happier in Just One Week for Girls Trying to Improve Their Life ...
How to Be Happier in Just One Week for Girls Trying to Improve Their Life ...

Are you asking how to be happier in just one week? It would be fair to say that every single one of us goes through at least one period of being sad and unhappy for a sustained amount of time. Whether this is caused by personal life struggles or problems in your professional life, the feelings of unhappiness, anxiety and sadness can be really detrimental to your long term mental health. While you should be allowed the time to wallow, you also need to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it might be much closer than you think. If you are struggling with being unhappy, then follow these five pieces of advice on how to be happier in just one week and you might just find the clouds starting to lift.

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Make a Plan

conversation, human behavior, public relations, girl, communication, A plan is the best answer for how to be happier in just one week. If your unhappiness is stemming from a place of chaos and you are feeling overwhelmed in your everyday life, then it really helps to sit down and make a plan to get your ducks in a row. Whether you need to solve a romantic problem or a work problem, writing out exactly how you are going to try to solve it can really help to ease your mind and make things less muddled.


Find Perspective

chin, long hair, brown hair, girl, hair coloring, When you are in a spiral of sadness, it can be very difficult to focus on anything else that is going on in the world, and this only serves to compound the depression and make it seem much bigger than it actually is. Don’t focus on what you don’t have, but focus instead on what you do have, and this might help to make the problems seem a bit smaller and more manageable.


Play to Your Strengths

chin, eyebrow, hairstyle, forehead, hair coloring, What do you do really well? Pinpoint your strengths and lean on them in times of depression so that you can give yourself a boost of self-esteem. For example, if you are particularly good at baking, try to make a batch of cookies to take into the office. The compliments and well wishes that you receive for this simple act can do your confidence and emotions a world of good.


Be Optimistic

beauty, hairstyle, girl, black hair, long hair, This one is easier said than done, but if you can really try to see the positive side of everything rather than the negative, your mind will start to become accustomed to this way of thinking and before you know it, you will be more of an optimist and a more positive person than ever before.


Reach out for Support

happiness, photo caption, computer wallpaper, font, Do not be afraid to let those around you know that you are feeling low. The more you repress your feelings, the more likely they will be to grow, so don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and family. They are there to help you through difficult times like these and they too can help you to gain a little more perspective, by helping you to see things from the view of an outsider.

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