15 Empowering Ways to Rebuild Your Self Esteem🏗 for Girls Who've Been Feeling Low🌈💐 ...

Low esteem can be a vicious cycle. You feel bad about yourself which makes you feel low, which demotivates you, you feel worse about yourself and your low esteem keeps heading to the floor. This is a major issue and not easy to deal with. Your need to find inner strength and for that you really do have to go into attack mode. You can only build self esteem by actually building it. It’s not a God-given thing. If you’re ready to tackle it, here’s how:

1. Use as Few Negative Words as Possible

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The best place to start is to try to get your mind in the right place, and to do this you need to make the effort not to use overly negative words when describing yourself or your situation. Words like ‘broken’, ‘lost’, ‘low’, ‘worthless’ … anything that paints a picture of you as anything less than confident should be avoided. Always look for the positive spin: ‘in transition’, ‘seeking new paths’ or ‘temporary undervalued’ are much better ways to describe yourself in a low period.

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