What You Can do Today That'll Make a Difference in Your Life Tomorrow ...


What You Can do Today That'll Make a Difference in Your Life Tomorrow ...
What You Can do Today That'll Make a Difference in Your Life Tomorrow ...

Making changes in your life tends to be a gradual, ongoing process. We rarely achieve sudden, dramatic changes. But what if you're impatient and want to see results overnight? Here are some things you can do today that will make a difference in your life tomorrow …

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Clear out the Clutter

Have you got into the habit of using tables as storage areas, or piled up things rather than put them away? Start clearing out some of the visible clutter in your home and on your work desk. Being in a tidier environment allows us to think more clearly and feel more focused. Get rid of your clutter and you'll immediately feel better - and know where things are!


Be Nice to Someone

When you're dealing with someone else, being impatient or negative in any way will make them respond the same way. However annoyed you are, try being nice and see if you get a better result. In fact, just try being nice to everyone you meet. It'll brighten everybody's day, and they'll hopefully go on to be positive to other people.


Reach out

Have you been meaning to get in touch with a relative or old friend? Don't put it off any longer. Call them and make arrangements to meet up if you live locally. You'll feel good that you finally got in contact, and it could revive your friendship. Or reach out to someone who's having a bad day, and make them feel that little bit better.


Stop Wasting Time on the Internet & Social Media

Are you a social media addict? Add up how much time you spend on these sites; I guarantee it's a lot longer than you think. Set yourself a limit for how much time you'll spend, and block these sites if you find it hard to resist. You'll immediately free up so much time for other, more worthwhile ways of spending your time.


Clear up Straight Away

If you're tired, it's tempting to leave dishes and other chores for another day - but the problem is that they soon pile up. Then you feel even less like dealing with them! However little you feel like it, clear up straight away; you'll feel happier waking up to a clean and tidy house.


Be Positive

Try to cultivate the habit of being positive; it's something that you can actually train your mind to do. It'll really make a difference if you can 'look on the bright side' wherever possible; you'll find that it helps gets you into a more upbeat mindset. Decide that you're not going to let things annoy you - this will help you deal with irritations much better.


Move Your Body

Do you lead a very sedentary life? Most of us do these days. So get up and move your body - as soon as you've finished reading this! Movement helps stop us getting too stiff, and gets our energy flowing. Stretch, take a short walk, dance round the room - anything that will flex your body. You'll feel the benefits straight away, so make a conscious effort to move every day.

Small changes can make a big difference very quickly, so start the new you today! Resolutions aren't just for the New Year - what would you like to achieve in the next 12 months?

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Check your money situation very Sunday. Your bank balance,bills owing,savings etc and know where you stand financially .You will feel better and more confident on Mondays

Bindi i agree totally agree walk walk wall. i look lithe and trim and i walk a lot and i feel great and hardly feel ill and it is excitable because your body appreciates it to also makes u feel comfortable and the u are able to do simple things like smiling and feeling very confident. suddenly life is not so bad. try it and you might like it. trust me you will.

Smile. You are the one who is watching you.

Walking clears my mind and organize your home. Especially the closet for your clothes! Plus a clean kitchen! I always feel great when these things are done!

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