How to Cultivate Self Compassion for a Happier and More Loved You ...


How to Cultivate Self Compassion for a Happier and More Loved You ...
How to Cultivate Self Compassion for a Happier and More Loved You ...

Have you ever taken the time to think about the fact that as humans, we are always first to conjure and exhibit compassion for other people, but sometimes find conjuring that same compassion for ourselves quite hard? You are always harder on yourself than you would ever be to a friend or a family member, but it is time to change that way of behaving because you deserve to feel as appreciated as everyone else! Here is how to cultivate self-compassion.

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It is always best to start with the basics. You need to treat yourself right in order to feel good about yourself from the inside out, and that involves enjoying a healthy balanced diet, staying as hydrated as possible, doing some endorphin boosting exercise, and having a regular sleeping schedule. When you are operating well on a cellular level, the positive mental vibes will follow.


Take Time off before You Need It

Don’t wait until you are at breaking point to take a day or two off. It is much better for your mind and body if you can anticipate your need for rest and relaxation and can act accordingly. Taking that time off before you need it in an emergency sense is better for you because it can have the power to pull you back from the cliff edge and save your emotions before they crack.


Seek the Exception

It is really easy for our minds to trick us into getting into a cycle of thinking that we always fail at things and that we aren’t good enough. To try to counterbalance this, you should spend some time thinking about the exceptions to that rule, times when you did succeed and did have a good time. The more you do this and the more exceptions you can find, the sooner you will realize that they aren’t exceptions at all, but more or less the norm!


Act ‘as if’

There is definitely an element of ‘fake it till you make it’ when it comes to self-compassion. Even if you don’t feel particularly optimistic or content right now, something that you can do is outwardly act as if you are. Smiling, being approachable, being active in your social life. The mind is a funny thing, and you would be amazed by just how much you can trick it into changing its default settings through physical activity and experience.

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