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15 Old Fashioned Self-Care Activities That Will Enrich Your Modern Life ...

By Deeceebee

In this super modern age of technology and cutting edge everything, it is often the case that people tend to forget that it is the little things in life that can really make a big difference! This is especially the case when it comes to self care. Forget what the latest online guru is trying to make you do in order to realign your energies or whatever the new fad is, sometimes all it takes to find some satisfaction and fulfilment is to take things back to basics! Here are 15 old fashioned self-care activities that will enrich your modern life!

1 Go out and Get Your Hair Done by a Professional. It Feels so Much Better than Doing It at Home, and You Also Get a Little Bit of Human Care and Attention from Your Stylist

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2 Cook Yourself a Nice Meal, Not for the Nutrition and Necessity of It, but for the Joy of Preparing Something Delicious

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3 Take a Nice Long Bubble Bath. There is Nothing Better than Sinking down in to a Hot Tub Full of Suds

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4 Go for a Nice Long Drive. We Spend so Much Time Driving Just to Get from a to B That We Forget How Enjoyable It Can Be

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5 Get in to the Habit of Using a Cold Cream at Night, It’s One of Those Beauty Rituals That Will Leave You Waking up in the Morning Refreshed

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6 Take up Some Sort of Crafting Hobby. It Can Be Really Rewarding to Have a Cute Product to Show for Yourself at the End of a Project


7 Read a Good Book. We Have No Many Screens in Our Lives These Days That It is Easy to Forget Just How Much an Escapist Experience a Great Novel Can Be


8 Go Shopping in Person Rather than Browsing Online. It Gets You up and out of the House, and You Can Have Fun Trying on All the Garments before Buying

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9 Try to Alter Your Social Life so That You do More Things with Your Friends outside. Never Underestimate the Healing Powers of the Great Outdoors

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10 Make Your Bed after You Get up Every Morning. There is Nothing Quite like the Feeling of Getting in to Freshly Made before Every Night

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11 Make the Time to Actually Sit down and Eat Your Breakfast at a Leisurely Pace. Far Too Many of Us Are Still Munching on Toast as We Pull into Work in the Mornings

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12 Make the Most of Your Lunch Break at Work. Change Your Scenery or Set up a Meeting with a Friend. Don’t Just Sit in the Staff Room and Count the Minutes

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13 Try Starting Your Days with a Spot of Spiritual Reflection. This Could Just Be a Quiet Ten Minutes to Yourself before the Chaos of the Day Begins

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14 Take Yourself out of the Gym and do Your Work Outs in the Great Outdoors Instead

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15 Throw a Dinner Party for Your Best Friends. the Power of Good Company and Good Food Can Really Go a Long Way

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