4 Things to Know about Animal Communication ...


4 Things to Know about Animal Communication ...
4 Things to Know about Animal Communication ...

It may sound weird, or silly, even maybe kind of dumb to even consider talking with an animal, and how anyway? Let me tell you more about this practice and the benefits of it, because trust me, it’s a wonder.

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Learning to Be in Touch with Yourself

Communicating with animals passes through your consciousness, not your voice; it’s a telepathy you learn to master, and to master a communication with someone else you must be able to get in touch with yourself, through meditation, deep breathing. The key is getting to a deep state of mind where you concentrate on nothing, it’s 100% clear and all you do is breath, and suddenly every single thing happening in your body you feel like you can feel perfectly. It’s as if you were clearing up space in your mind to be able to let someone else occupy it, in this case an animal. So as you can see, animal communication is already beneficial for you since it gives you this opportunity to see another dimension of yourself, one that you can only access yourself. It’s a way to understand what is hidden in your spirit and giving you the opportunity to share it with someone else; it’s so magical.


Finding Your Happy Place

Before communicating with any animal you need to wander in an imaginary spot that’s your “inside theater”. This spot is where you will meet your animal, but it can do so many other things besides that! Whenever you’re sad, lonely, depressed, or anxious you can go there because you know that place is safe, you made it up to please yourself, it’s your little gem. So whenever you need peace, or happiness or anything really, go up there to find yourself in a spot only you know of and that’s harmless.


Helping the Animal out

It would be a mistake to think that communicating with an animal is only good for you, because it’s not, and it would be unfair to consider it this way. It’s giving an opportunity to your animal to express himself in a way you can understand it, it’s a way for him to finally say why he’s been acting this way, what he doesn’t like about you, what he likes about you, what he feels, what he wants more, or less of. So it’s a service you’re giving to your animal, it’s a way of telling him you’re ready to see what he has to say. It’s not only living with him and seeing him as a comfort or as something you can cuddle with when you’re not doing well, but it’s integrating him as a part of your family and considering him as a whole, to finally give him what he deseves. He has so much to offer that’s worth listening to, it would be unfair and almost egoistic to not consider it!


Anyone Can do It

You may think that it requires some talent, or maybe a lot of experience. Well it’s not the case; everyone has it in them. It’s natural, human. You can go learn the technique in just a day and practice it everyday. It’s a dimension that we weren’t taught to know of, but it’s there and it’s up to you, if you want, to use it.

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