Signs You Need to Re-Adjust Your Attitude ASAP ...


Signs You Need to Re-Adjust Your Attitude ASAP ...
Signs You Need to Re-Adjust Your Attitude ASAP ...

We've all had friends with bad attitudes before. You end up slowly spending less time with her, avoiding her, and maybe end the friendship all together. Being friends with a girl with attitude can be exhausting! But have you ever wondered if you've become that friend? Here are the signs to look for the find out!

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"No One Understands Me"

People with an attitude often think no one understands them or can see the real them. You think you're so perfect that anyone who disagrees is either judgmental or just doesn't get you. But people will understand you better if you focus on readjusting your attitude.


"Trust Me, I Know Everything"

If you have a bad attitude, no one can tell you otherwise. You know everything about yourself and everyone else. You might come off as narcissistic, stubborn, or rude. In other words, you're in need of an attitude makeover!


"Why Does She..."

This question of "why does she have a great boyfriend/ successful career/ cute cat etc." often comes from the mouth of a girl with a nasty attitude. Jealousy makes anyone less likable. Instead of envying other people, try to admire them and send them positive vibes rather than try to use your negativity to suck the positivity from their lives.


"I Hate Everything!"

Negativity and anger are two feelings people with bad attitudes can't seem to shake. If you find yourself angry more often than happy, you need to check yourself. What are the stressors in your life that are causing you to be so angry? How can you send more positive energy into the world, rather than victimizing yourself and sending out negative energy? When you answer these questions, you'll start steering yourself away from a bad attitude in no time!


"do We Have a Problem?"

Odds are, you don't have a problem with everyone. If you do, it can be easily resolved. But if you're a girl with an attitude, you pick fights and get angry at the smallest things all the time. Before you start arguing with someone, take a few deep breaths, put the issue into perspective, and decide if it's worth wasting energy on a tiny altercation.


"I Just Love Drama!"

There's nothing worse than a proud drama queen. People will start to dread talking to you because they know you'll probably gossip about them or enjoy hearing about their drama. Try putting yourself in someone else's shoes whenever you talk about their personal life and genuinely sympathize and offer support.


"It's My Way or the Highway"

This is similar to "I know everything" but slightly different. If you're so stubborn that you think your way is the only way, it doesn't matter who's right or wrong, all that matters is what you want. That can definitely come off as not only selfish but also foolish. You can avoid that by always being open to ideas and advice from your family and friends.

A bad attitude can express itself in a number of ways. Even though these were just a few, making any of these changes can make you and those around you so much happier! How will you kick your attitude to the curb?

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Really appreciate this

Thank you for this because I know if somebody told me to my face that I needed to fix my attitude I would have gotten an even bigger attitude 🙄😂 thanks for keeping me grounded ❤️

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