Are You Pretending? 🎭7 Masks You Put on in Front of Others ...

We all want to fit in. That's why we occasionally alter our personalities in order to seem like we're part of a certain group. However, even though it's normal to pretend to be something that you're not, it's unhealthy. When you're true to yourself, the world will look a whole lot brighter. That's why you should stop putting on these masks in front of others:

1. Pretending You’re Okay when You’re Not

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If someone hurts your feelings, don't be embarrassed. We all have emotions, and it's okay to express them. If you keep everything bottled up, then the other person is going to continue to do hurtful things to do, because they won't realize that you're upset. Of course, that doesn't mean that you have to make a big scene about how rude the other person was. Just pull them to the side and politely explain what they did to upset you.

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