Are You Pretending? 7 Masks You Put on in Front of Others ...


Are You Pretending? 7 Masks You Put on in Front of Others ...
Are You Pretending? 7 Masks You Put on in Front of Others ...

We all want to fit in. That's why we occasionally alter our personalities in order to seem like we're part of a certain group. However, even though it's normal to pretend to be something that you're not, it's unhealthy. When you're true to yourself, the world will look a whole lot brighter. That's why you should stop putting on these masks in front of others:

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Pretending You’re Okay when You’re Not

black, white, color, painting, person, If someone hurts your feelings, don't be embarrassed. We all have emotions, and it's okay to express them. If you keep everything bottled up, then the other person is going to continue to do hurtful things to do, because they won't realize that you're upset. Of course, that doesn't mean that you have to make a big scene about how rude the other person was. Just pull them to the side and politely explain what they did to upset you.


Pretending You like Something That's Popular

person, blond, singing, profession, singer, If you hate The Minions or The Hunger Games, you don't have to pretend that you love them in order to fit in. You're allowed to have your own opinion, even if it's an unpopular one. If others judge you for not liking what's trendy, then they're not the type of people you want to associate with, anyway.


Pretending to Be Dumber than You Are

dont, play, sports,, the, only, Dumb girls aren't any more attractive than intelligent girls are. That's a stereotype that needs to die. If you're the smartest woman in your class or at your job, show off your skills. Don't hold back out of fear that you'll get teased.


Pretending to Be an Angel

hair, blond, album cover, nose, eyewear, Some people are overly sensitive. If your friend makes a remark that you find offensive, you're allowed to call them out on it. However, you shouldn't think of them as a horrible person for it, because you're no angel, either. We've all said things that have come out wrong. We need to learn from our mistakes and help others learn from theirs, instead of judging them too harshly if we know they didn't mean any harm.


Pretending You've Done It All

person, hair, You don't have to lie to your friends about how many boys you've kissed or how many phone numbers you got at a party. You don't need to have a long list of exes in order to be happy. It's okay if you're a virgin or if you've never been kissed, so don't be afraid to admit it.


Pretending You Don't Care

don't, care., It might make you feel better to say that you don't care about failing your math test or your ex getting a new girlfriend. However, that doesn't mean you should do it. It's okay to admit that you're upset about things not going your way. Venting can actually be healthier than pretending that your issues don't exist.


Pretending You like to Party

jewellery, Yeah,, I'm, Dangerous, There are way too many people who pretend they like the taste of beer or the sound of party music when they actually can't stand it. If you don't like going to raves, don't go. There are plenty of other things you can spend time with friends doing, besides drinking.

There's no reason to pretend to be something you're not when the real you is so special! Have you ever put on any of these masks in order to fit in?

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sometimes you need to "pretend youre okay" meaning you need to tough it out and the best way to get over stuff is to try to move on and not dwell on it

Every weekend when I see this guy I used to crush on I pretend that I am okay. He made me believe that he was interested in me when he asked me for my number, he never text me. He only compliments me when his friend from out of town is around or if my sister-in-law is around. He told someone that he was talking to another girl from another city, he's always around girls and he's hugging them. He invited my family and I out for lunch, but he had other guests waiting for him, so there was no space for we left and I text him so it won't be awkward the following weekend. He was sorry and he felt bad, but I gotten over it and I got fed up. Now every time I see him I don't even look at him or say hi. I pretend that it doesn't bother me but it does. Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with him because he's pretty bipolar and he's 30 years old. I pretend because I eventually want to get over it and I realized that he needs to get his life together.

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The whole party thing is so true. I like to party once in awhile but I'm tired of people who do it all the time thinking it's the only way to have fun.

Thanks Jags, it annoys me cause I have to see him every weekend at church. I deleted his number a while back. I am certainly moving on. Thanks again

Omg the way the model is acting and puting in the mask its just hidous . Its not like a mayure person at all.

He's not worth the hassle and sounds like loser... In years to come, you'll wonder why you gave him the time of day! Pretending is not cool, if it bothers you, tell him and move on, if you don't want to tell him, move on anyway... You're worth more than that

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