7 Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life ...

You only have one life, so you better make the most of it, but to make the most of it you really need to ensure that you are giving yourself the best chances! Any life is worth living, but there is no doubting that if you can find ways to make your own feel more fulfilling and more satisfying, then, by all means, work on it! Try these ways to improve your quality of life.

1. Community

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Make an effort to get to know your neighbours and work to build a sense of community in the area that you live. It can feel really lonely and ostracising when you don’t know the people who you live among, so creating a small community feel can bring a really pleasing sense of togetherness.

2. Movement

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Try to add more movement and activity into your daily routine. It should never be underestimated just how much those endorphins that are released during exercise can make a difference to the positivity of your mental health and general outlook on life.

3. Free Fun

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Get together with your friends and try to come up with things to do that don’t have to involve spending lots of money. There can be big pressure to splash the cash these days, but coming up with ideas that are inexpensive and, more ideally, free can take a lot of pressure of both you and your friends group in general.

4. Empathy

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Work on training up your empathy muscle so that you have a much better relationship with how other people around you and in the wider world are feeling at any given time. We all tend to be a little too selfish and insular these days but we need to rebuild a love and trust of our fellow man!

5. No Phone Day

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Pick one day of the week and make it a no phone day, a day when you are banned from picking up your phone to do all of the usual social media scrolling and procrastination that robs you of your productivity. You would be surprised by just how active you need to be in order to fill up your time when you don’t have access to the online world!

6. Mental Health

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Don’t be afraid to open up and chat to people about the state of your mental health. There should be no stigma around it these days and the more you can talk to other people and realise that we are all struggling and facing out different issues, the less alone and singular you will feel.

7. Work Freedom

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Give yourself a bigger sense of freedom at work by doing things like creating β€˜quiet Wednesday mornings’ or something similar, a designated time that you carve out when people know not to interrupt you with new tasks, emails, calls etc. It’s a time when you can actually catch up with the workload from the first half of the week before beginning the second half.

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