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Confidence Boosting Words to Use when Describing Yourself without Looking Cocky ...

By Holly

Most of us fall into the habit of insulting ourselves, even though we deserve to be treated with love and respect. Your family and friends aren't the only ones who should see how special you are--you should see it too. After all, you're an amazing woman! If you don't believe it, here are a few confidence boosting words that you should start using to describe yourself:

1 Capable

This doesn't sound like the strongest word, but it's actually incredibly important for you to realize that you're a capable woman. You don't need a man in order to survive, because you're capable of taking care of yourself. So the next time you're worried about falling a test or bombing an interview, remind yourself that you're a capable woman who's more than able to get by.

2 Inspiring

Every single one of us have inspiring stories to tell. You might not have been forced to overcome something tragic, like the death of a parent or being born without sight, but you've still done some pretty impressive things. If you tell others the story of how you went from a C-student to an A-student, or how you landed your crush after years of liking him, then they'll certainly be inspired by your hard work.

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3 Brave

You might not have jumped off of a building or out of a plane, but you're still brave. After all, the most common phobias are things that you'd have to deal with in everyday life. Maybe you're terrified of public speaking, but you still went through with your class presentation. Maybe you're scared of spiders, but still managed to remove one from your house. The little things matter.

4 Brilliant

You don't have to be "book smart" in order to be considered intelligent. Maybe you can name every single Pokemon, or maybe you can recite the winners of every Tony Award winner. Everyone is knowledgable about different topics, which means we're all brilliant in our own way.

5 Charming

If you don't have a lot of friends, you might not consider yourself charming. However, you have to have a certain amount of charm to make any friends at all. You also need charm to land a job or to convince your parents to buy you a car. That means you definitely have charm, even if it's not apparent to everyone.

6 Interesting

No one else on the planet has the same exact personality or looks as you do, and that makes you interesting. It means that you have a unique perspective on life that you can potentially share with everyone you meet. Some people will find your opinions more interesting than others do, but that doesn't change the fact that your uniqueness is an amazing thing! It's what makes you an interesting individual.

7 Gifted

We all have different gifts. Even if you weren't born with the ability to sing like a superstar or paint like Picasso, there's still something special about you. It might be your ability to make others laugh or your ability to ace any math test. No matter what your skill is, you should be proud to have it.

Every single one of these words describe you, whether you realize it or not. What other confidence boosting words would you use to describe yourself?

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