9 Ways to Attract Positivity and Leave Negativity behind ...


9 Ways to Attract Positivity and Leave Negativity behind ...
9 Ways to Attract Positivity and Leave Negativity behind ...

Many times we think the ways to attract positivity begin when positive things are already happening in our lives. But how do we get the ball rolling in the first place? If it seems like you can’t even get out of bed in the morning without falling out of it, that you can’t have a conversation with your best friend without it turning into a yelling match, or you can’t go to work without feeling like nothing works, some adjustments need to be made. These ways to attract positivity will help move the gray clouds to make way for blue skies!

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Be the Person You Want to Be around

Think of someone whose uplifting personality personifies what you would like to achieve, and use their ways to attract positivity as your own. Do they take the high road and speak positively of others or not at all? Is their smile truly warm? Do they seem to float through life like they don’t have a care in the world, ready to listen to your woes more than you’ll hear about theirs? They have reasons to be blue sometimes, but they don’t give in. These happy-go-luckies know that a storm today is a rainbow five minutes later. While their positivity can be downright irksome, think of how good it must feel to feel good…


Make a List of What You Want

Instead of concentrating on everything you don’t want—the guy with a short fuse, the dead-end job, the waiter who always gets your order wrong—think of what you do want. Imagine, down to the smallest detail, a job you think you would be great at and really love. Think of how a guy you would like to be with would treat you, from what he says and does, to how he treats others. Visualize a great day, from the time you get up to the moment you fall asleep. Every day is not roses and chocolate, but the more you envision it to be, the more you will have.


Make Another List of Wonderful You

Sometimes, negativity comes from a place of thinking that this is what we deserve, deep down. Little does this morose monster realize that you are actually a gold mine of positive energy. With the right tools and a little digging, anyone can find their happy center. Start off by making a list of the things that make you special and gorgeous, no matter how small or obscure. Whether it’s the way you remember your neighbor’s birthday every year, how you learned how to drive a stick shift on the first try, or how you managed to cut your own hair perfectly straight, add them to the list. When you are done, you’ll realize how eclectic, unique, and wonderful you truly are, just by being you.


What Are Your Personal New Year’s Resolutions?

It may not be January 1st, but it’s a new year for you. Make some resolutions you refuse to break, starting with some healthy selfishness. Think about you, who you want to be for you, and the you that you want to share with others. If you truly want to be more positive, what are the positive changes you’re going to make in your life? Some of them are not easy, but if it makes you more positive, they’re worth it. Perhaps have coffee instead of dinners with the friend who can’t seem to stop talking poorly of, well, everyone. Devote some serious time to doing something that makes you feel better about yourself every day, whether it’s making a salad, writing one or two lines in your journal, or doing ten sit-ups. This will soon turn into a week’s worth of good eating, a page written in your journal or (gasp) seventy sit-ups. When you are on your side, the sky’s the limit!


Find the Rainbow

Every day has a challenging situation that some in a negative mind set might call ‘bad.’ Take this situation and find something positive in it. Being cut off in traffic just means you’re able to keep your eye on the guy who might have run you over had he stayed on your bumper. Your daughter’s scratchy throat and fever kept you home from work, giving you time to finish the book you’ve been falling asleep on for a month. It's all about perspective...


Smile Smile Smile

There are reasons when a frown would be the acceptable expression du jour. But despite it all, what happens if you just smile? Yes, the coffee pot overflowed on your report, your alarm didn’t go off and now you’re late for work, or your child’s less than stellar report card just came in. Is making your day a crab fest going to help? Instead, take that deep breath, exhale that sigh heard round the world, and figure out how to make it better the next time.


Attitude is Everything

Most of what we worry about doesn’t happen. Then why do we toss and turn until our sheets are in a knot trying to figure out what we’re going to do if it does happen? Be prepared as much as possible for the worst, hope for the best, and live in the moment. Go into that job interview thinking you are meant to work there, will do a great job, and be very fulfilled. Walk into the dentist’s office for your cleaning believing you have no cavities, and will get a fully clean bill of dental health. The more you think it will be good, the more you prove yourself right!


No New Beginnings without Endings

When something ends whether it’s a job, a relationship, or any life event, it can be sad and throw you for a roller coaster size loop of your lifetime. But coming out on the other side of this, your life is now open to the job that you really want, to the guy who’s perfect AND ready to commit, or the new life event that’s opened ten more doors for you to discover more of your true self. Endings are hard, but without them, how could we get to the delicious new beginnings?


The Way You Go to Sleep is the Way You Wake up

One of the easiest ways to welcome positivity in your life is to sleep on it, literally. When you go to bed at night, don’t think about the nasty comebacks you wish you would have thought of today. Instead, think of something good to say to someone tomorrow. Think of something positive that could very well happen when you wake up, or of something good that’s already in play. The more our mind lives in the positive, the more our body will follow suit.

Eradicating negativity and swimming in your positivity pool can seem like an endless goal, and it is! Every day, re-commit yourself to a new brighter focus. You’ll be surprised what it can do for all areas of your life. How do you stay positive?

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Great advice!! Thanks

Ew. Is this actually possible...

loved this so much I read it twice. I'm not a negative person but not as positive as I used to be.

This was an amazing article & well written! Please write more inspirational columns like these! :)

This is one of the best articles ever

Some cool advice for everyone to keep it in mind =)

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