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47 Inspiring Quote Tattoos That Will Make You Want to Get Inked ...

By Heather

I've been on the search for inspiring quote tattoos for years now! I've been trying to decide exactly which inspiring quote tattoos will be considered to be my next – well, I finally was able to pull together a list. If you're thinking about getting a tattoo, this is the post for you! Take a look!

1 Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelion TattooVia Tattoos

The very first inspiring quote tattoo that I want to talk about is this one! I love the detail, the quote and the beauty of where it is!

Susan I love it to...

2 Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn MonroeVia Tattoo ideas. <33

Who doesn't love the blonde bombshell herself? This quote is perfection!


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3 Shakespeare Quote

Shakespeare QuoteVia New Tattoo

If you're looking to add in a bit of Shakespeare to your tattoo, this is the quote for you!

4 For the Reader

For the ReaderVia A reader lives a thousand ...

I have a friend that would love this tattoo! It's for all us bookworms out there!

5 Birds

BirdsVia Sexy but Inspiring Quote Tattoo ...

I love the birds in this tattoo and it so matches the quote too! How cute!

6 Beautiful Quote

Beautiful QuoteVia Frasi d'amore per tatuaggi - ...

This tattoo actually touched my heart a little bit – and my soul. Love it!

7 If Not Now ...

If Not Now ...Via

I love the placement of this tattoo and also the way it lines up!

8 Disney Quotes

Disney QuotesVia Quote Tattoos Tumblr

I've seen this tattoo a million times but every single time that I do, I love it even more! It's in an ideal spot and the quote itself is so meaningful.

9 We Only Part …

We Only Part …Via Flying bird and we only ...

I think that this one is very inspiring and extremely meaningful if you've lost someone.

10 Pocahontas Quote

Pocahontas QuoteVia pocahontas tattoo on Tumblr

You wouldn't think that Disney movies would have so many inspiring quotes in them, right?

11 No Matter How Far ...

No Matter How Far ...Via Arrow & Quotes Tattoo on ...

The cool thing about this tattoo is the way that it is laid out. It's got the arrow, the different fonts and the way it carries the quote beautifully!

12 If You Can Dream It ...

If You Can Dream It ...Via 27 Cute Girly Tattoos

I truly believe in this, if you dream it – you can do it!

13 Life is Not Measured by the Number of Breaths ...

Life is Not Measured by the Number of Breaths ...Via 25 Sweet Quote Tattoos For ...

I absolutely love this quote! So inspiring and so meaningful!

14 Always on My Mind ...

Always on My Mind ...Via

This tattoo actually means a great deal to me – it makes me think of my late grandmother and of all of the other people that have passed on.

susan I think of my mom ...

15 Until the Very End ...

Until the Very End ...Via Open your eyes.

Wrist tattoos are my favorites and I love this one!

16 There's More to Living ...

There's More to Living ...Via

This is such a popular tattoo but I find it so, so inspiring too!

17 An Eye for an Eye ...

An Eye for an Eye ...Via An eye for an eye

How true is this one?

18 Courage

CourageVia 2pcs COURAGE calligraphy script temporary ...

It's funny how one word can mean so much.

19 Perks of Being a Wallflower

Perks of Being a WallflowerVia New tattoo

The book or the movie, it doesn't matter where you heard the quote, it's beautiful, right?

20 Dumbo

DumboVia The body canvas collection.

I think that this quote in the movie Dumbo really sums up a lot!

21 Everything Was Beautiful...

Everything Was Beautiful...Via 2pcs Everything was beautiful and ...

This amazing tattoo is something that I've wanted for a really long time – do you think the wrist is a good place for it?

22 Happiness

HappinessVia Quote For tattoos - Tattoosgallaries

This is for all of us who have problems with filters!

23 She Believed

She BelievedVia Scarification Our bodies our ink

Simple but such a true statement, isn't it?

24 Fight off Your Demons

Fight off Your DemonsVia Brads tats

This is another simple quote, but it's one that means a lot. We all have demons we are constantly fighting off, right?

25 For Those I Love ...

For Those I Love ...Via raultoledo's tattoo #1

This is truly all about sacrificing and what you are willing to do for love.

26 Never a Victim Forever a Fighter

Never a Victim Forever a FighterVia Best Outstanding Name Tattoo Designs ...

Completely agree with this statement and it can be true for anyone who has been through something!

27 EE Cummings

EE CummingsVia ee cummings quote tattoo

Pretty powerful, right? I also love the way it is formed and the curl of it!

28 John Mayer

John MayerVia john mayer, tattoo, tatuagem - ...

The thing that I love about this quote is the font and the position. How amazing does it look?

29 Without Struggle ...

Without Struggle ...Via Inspirational Tattoo Quotes

Such a true statement.

30 She Flies ...

She Flies ...Via Community Post: You Wish Your ...

I like the independence that is outlined in this one!

31 Foot Tattoo

Foot TattooVia

I love this adorable foot tattoo! After all, we should all believe in ourselves, right?

32 Hip Tattoo

Hip TattooVia

I love the playfulness of this one, after all, curiosity does lead to trouble, right?

33 Beautiful Quote

Via 30 Best Perks of Being ...

This quote is actually from The Perks of Being a Wallflower – how cool huh?

34 Friend Tattoos

Friend TattoosVia tattoos

This is such a neat idea to get with a really good friend!

35 The Good Memories ...

The Good Memories ...Via ㄒⱥナナș

Whenever you are going through a tough time, make sure that you remember all of the good memories!

36 French Tattoo

French TattooVia DEFUNCT, L’esprit de l’escalier: (literally, ...

This tattoo is so, so cool! It's actually translated into 'Spirit of the Stairs.'

kristyce is a phrase used to describe when you think of the...

37 Love Yourself

Love YourselfVia Quote tattoo by Robert-Greg-Voulgari on ...

One of the most important things you've got to remember, no matter what, is to love yourself.

some this one is really nice!...

38 Leave

LeaveVia 2pcs Leave birds - InknArt ...

This one-word tattoo is so simple and yet so powerful.

39 Inhale the Future ...

Inhale the Future ...Via Tattoo ideas

I kinda like this quote a lot, it's so true and it reminds me to take a breath and exhale the past.

40 In My Heart

In My HeartVia

This is another tattoo is ideal whenever you are looking to really remember someone from your past.

41 Free

FreeVia tattoo

These one word tattoos are so beautiful and if one word means something to you – why get more?

42 Brighter Days

Brighter DaysVia Though Every Dark Night - ...

This is a reminder that there are brighter days ahead. Love the placement too!

43 He Waits ...

He Waits ...Via 40 Exciting Tattoo Quotes For ...

This is a reminder that if you believe in God or Goddess or some higher power, they are waiting with you!

44 Shadow Tattoo

Shadow TattooVia Top 15 Best Tattoo Designs ...

It's true, the shadow does prove the sunshine! So powering and so meaningful!

45 With Pain ...

With Pain ...Via tattoo-quotes-with pain comes strength - ...

How do you like this one? You have to go through the pain to get the strength!

46 I Am Enough

I Am EnoughVia I am enough the way ...

I absolutely love this awesome tattoo and it's so inspiring!

47 My Tattoo

My TattooVia just good stuff

Think I decided – this one is my next tattoo!

So girls, what are some of your most inspiring quote tattoos? Do you have anything that you've been dying to get inked? Share your ideas!

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