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The Perks of Being Single for Girls Who Aren't Happy Being Alone ...

By Natalie

So, you’re single, eh? Don’t worry! Nothing is wrong with you because guess what?! Many of us are also part of the single’s club too. With more time on your hands, there are many ways to keep your day busy. There are perks of being single you should definitely take advantage of:

1 Work on School Assignments

session musician,After all, got to keep those grades up.

2 Find a New Hobby

girl, human body, arm, darkness, muscle,Whether it is a physical sport or spiritual, such as yoga, your body will thank you for a good workout!

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3 Girls’ Night!

television program, event, friendship, product, girl, Seriously, getting out and letting loose every now and then will help keep you zen and focused. Also, everyone needs a break from daily life—double bonus.

4 Learn Something New

human hair color, photography, girl, sunlight, sky,Whether taking a class, going back to school. Inspiration comes from all around you; from a good book, movie and television show.

5 Netflix Bingeathon

green, muscle, sleep, grass,Come on, who can deny it…

6 No, Seriously?! Who in Their Right Mind Would??

phenomenon, girl, screenshot,

7 … Think about It, All of the Shows

facial expression, human hair color, smile, emotion, blond, Bloodline, Daredevil, Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt. Not to mention the anticipating wait for their new feature film premieres. The Duplass Brothers have a few upcoming projects to be released soon.

8 …They Got Friends Too …

product, gang,

9 … Every Episode …

photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, snapshot,

10 … All Two-hundred and Thirty-six of Them

girl, But, in all seriousness, there are multiple things to do as a single lady and being single in general. Whether it is spending more time practicing a skill or taking a break from life and trying something new and out of your ordinary, keep at it!

You never know what you will discover about yourself!

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