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Here's a Little Stargazing Inspo to Make Your Day or Night ...

By Jennifer

Is there anything more relaxing yet intense than stargazing? As summer approaches (finally), let's look at a few stargazing goodies to get us in the mood to meditate, shall we?

1 Punakaiki, New Zealand

galaxy,night,astronomical object,light,darkness,Source: 5 Things You Need to

2 McCloud Falls in Northern California

night,darkness,fireworks,astronomical object,midnight,Source: The sky at night without


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3 Romance

text,font,biology,brand,emotion,Source: Romance

4 Stargazer Lights for when You Can't See the Stars

lighting,light fixture,bottle,lantern,glass bottle,Source: Stargazer Lights, 6’ Battery Powered

5 Faded

sky,atmospheric phenomenon,galaxy,night,atmosphere,

Mary This is a lovely view of the centre of our home ga...

6 Maine's Acadia National Park

sky,galaxy,astronomical object,night,atmosphere,Source: 10 great places to stargaze

7 Milky Way

Tre Cime di Lavaredo,TimeScapes (2012),night,sunlight,astronomical object,Source: 9 Incredible Photos of our

8 Perseids Meteor Shower in Wyoming

Lake Marie,night,galaxy,star,astronomical object,Source: Perseids wow weekend stargazers

9 Delicate Arch & Milky Way

sky,night,galaxy,astronomical object,star,Source: Delicate Arch And Milky Way

10 Country Lane

galaxy,night,astronomical object,star,atmosphere,Source: A thousand crystal towers

11 Bunnies!

sketch,drawing,illustration,-Awesome,Source: Anita Two Bad Mice

12 Sleep under the Stars by Katie Daisy

illustration,under,the,Source: Sleep Under The Stars

13 Time Travel?

black and white,darkness,fireworks,monochrome photography,monochrome,Source: Graphic design inspiration

14 A Little Wisdom from Calvin & Hobbes

text,cartoon,font,poster,book,Source: Community Post: 31 INFJ Problems

15 Northern Lights, Alaska

aurora,atmosphere,reflection,its,www.lavalighlgalleries,Source: 30 Brilliant Aurora Photography For

16 Bucket List

Ticket for Change,text,atmosphere,font,album cover,Source: Pinterest

17 Perfect Bedroom

house,room,architecture,window,wood,Source: Bohemian Homes - Bohemian Homes

19 Tragic

black,black and white,astronomical object,atmosphere,font,Source: a-thousand-words

20 Michigan's Headlands International Dark Sky Park

galaxy,sky,astronomical object,night,atmosphere,Source: Gov. Snyder to mark Dark

21 Poster

font,poster,illustration,space,FOR,Source: 10 great places to stargaze

22 Stargazing & Reflecting

sky,night,atmosphere,darkness,light,Source: Just a mix...of me

23 Arches National Park

night,astronomical object,star,outer space,universe,Source: American National Parks - Dan

24 Lovely

sky,galaxy,night,astronomical object,astronomy,Source: 0839

25 Holding Hands

sky,galaxy,night,astronomical object,star,Source: 10 Affordable Summer Dates

26 Australia's Mundi Mundi Plains

TimeScapes (2012),sky,night,star,galaxy,Source: DMC Australia | Incentive Travel

27 Lake Titicaca, Peru

TimeScapes (2012),galaxy,astronomical object,night,atmosphere,Source: Milky Way Over Lake Titicaca

28 Joshua Tree National Park, California by Shane Lund

night,darkness,star,astronomical object,midnight,Source: The Joshua Tree At Night

29 Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Valley,sky,night,astronomical object,reflection,Source: Roanoke My Home Sweet Home

30 Lake Granby in Grand County, Colorado

sky,galaxy,night,star,astronomical object,Source: Sirius over East Grand

31 Into the Woods

tree,night,weather,atmosphere,darkness,Source: The Chameleoreptileon - Shapeshifting Shill

32 Split Point, Airey's Inlet Lighthouse, Victoria, Australia

Bolivia,astronomical object,night,galaxy,astronomy,Source: Extraterrestrial Interstellar Beacon - A

33 Waterfall

geological phenomenon,water feature,waterfall,Source: 10 Extraordinary Photographs of the

34 Belchite, Spain


35 McWay Falls, Big Sur, California

sky,atmosphere,horizon,night,ocean,Source: We Are All Made Of

36 Sisimiut, Greenland by Trine Og Mads

sky,galaxy,astronomical object,atmosphere,astronomy,Source: All sizes | Aurora and

37 Make a Wish!

sky,night,star,atmosphere,astronomical object,Source: | FREE Facebook Covers

38 Camping under the Oregon Sky

Source: Around the World in Photos

39 Anime

atmosphere,darkness,night,astronomy,midnight,Source: ほに書庫Latte — fasna: 流れ星

40 Fox Glacier, New Zealand

sky,galaxy,night,astronomical object,atmosphere,Source: FOX glacier

41 Atacama Desert, Chile - the Closest Point on Earth to the Stars

sky,galaxy,astronomical object,night,atmosphere,Source: Latin America and Spain Holidays

42 Free

Source: Poler — free-wilderness: Terra Wandering

43 Star-gazing at Sunset

sky,atmosphere,astronomical object,galaxy,outer space,Source: Milky Way - Wikipedia, the

44 Milky over Foggy Night by Dariusz Lakomy

sky,atmosphere,astronomical object,night,aurora,Source: Milky over foggy night

45 Moon

sky,astronomical object,galaxy,night,astronomy,Source: authentic fauxhemian

46 Evergreens


47 Bonfire

night,astronomical object,galaxy,atmosphere,astronomy,Source: Cool Pictures

48 Yes, Let's

text,handwriting,font,line,organ,Source: LoveQuotesRus

50 Camping Trip


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