7 Reasons to Stop and Smell the Roses ...


7 Reasons to Stop and Smell the Roses ...
7 Reasons to Stop and Smell the Roses ...

Although stopping to smell the roses can be done literally in a short while when the flowers bloom again, the saying stop and smell the roses is meant to convey a message of slowing down and enjoying life. Time goes by way too quickly whether you have learned that yet or not. This year, learn how to take one day at a time and enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer. Here are some of the most important reasons to stop and smell the roses!

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You Will Appreciate the Small Things

One of the biggest reasons to stop and smell the roses is to appreciate the small things. Maybe you’re always so busy caring about what other people think about you, or maybe you don’t think that you’re appreciated or respected by friends/family/boyfriend. Appreciating the small things will grant you the gift of deliverance. Once you stop and smell the roses and feel thankful for the little things in your life, you will begin to feel gratitude towards yourself and towards your life – this is the healing process and first step to a new fresh life!


You Will Stop Obsessing

How many of us obsess over things? I know I do. I can often times display a very obsessive personality. For example: when I like a song, I listen to it enough times that eventually people around me would rather rip their hair out than listen to it with me again. Learning how to just relax and take a chill pill will assist in distracting you from being obsessive and controlling.


You Will Feel More in Tune with Nature

How often do you go outside and stare at the stars? How many of you notice the color of the flowers or the shape of the clouds? Our generation is so focused on social media and work and being busy that we often forget to get in tune with our beautiful world. Nature is so amazing that simply sitting on a park bench or rock outside your house and looking out into the 3D painting in front of you can almost bring you to tears. Next time you’re feeling stressed, literally stop and go smell the roses.


You Will Feel More at Peace

By taking time out of your busy day to relax for a few moments, you clearly will feel more at peace. What a great side effect! Meditation helps a lot – you can either meditate in silence or put on relaxing music and simply sit for a few minutes and think and do nothing.


You Will Get Inspired Every Day

Imagine how many great ideas/goals/visions/dreams you have held on to for years or months and never took the time to stop and smell the roses. In other words, you have been so consumed with fear or doubt or a busy schedule that has been taking over your life that you’ve forgotten or maybe lost sight of what is really important to you. Why not take a break from your crazy schedule for a little bit and refocus and re-prioritize the things in your life? Find out what encourages you and inspires you. If you simply take a few minutes to tune into relaxation, you will get inspired and will be jumping out of your skin to tackle your next project and make your dreams come true!


You Will Feel More Compassionate

Happiness comes from within. If you can take time this year to stop and smell the roses, you will begin to feel more compassionate with yourself as well as with others. Relaxed people are happier; happy people are more caring; caring people are more compassionate; compassionate people inspire themselves as well as others. See the ripple effect? Bottom line: stop and smell the roses.


You Will See the Good in Things

By taking time to stop the crazy schedules and by relaxing more and becoming more aware of your surroundings, you will inevitably begin to open your eyes to see only the good in situations rather than the bad. If you ever notice, when you try to find something or fix something while you’re upset or really heated, accomplishing the task hardly ever works or goes right. Am I right? If, instead, you approach a situation with peace, you not only will see only the good in the situation but you will come out of that situation as a winner!

Ladies, even if you try to live by these reasons to stop and smell the roses a few times every week, you will begin to experience subtle shifts in your personal life. Your relationship with yourself will grow and flourish, and your relationships with others will grow and flourish as well. What is your reason for stopping to smell the roses?

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