Galaxy Tattoos That Are out of This World ...


Galaxy Tattoos That Are out of This World ...
Galaxy Tattoos That Are out of This World ...

If you read my last post on lip tattoos you'll know I love ink. I have quite a few tattoos and I'm dying to get more! This has led me to start looking at tattoos for my daughters-my oldest is obsessed with space-so much so that she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up. This has led me to looking for galaxy ink and let me say, I am in love! There are so many cool styles and ideas from zodiacs to constellations and more. Check out some of these awesome galaxy tattoo inkspirations for your next venture to the tattoo shop.

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Galaxy Tattoo Cover up

Tattoo, Shoulder, Arm, Skin, Flesh,


Galaxy tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many people choosing them as a way to express their love for the vastness and mystery of the universe. These tattoos often feature vibrant colors and intricate designs, making them visually stunning and unique. They can be placed on various parts of the body, such as the shoulder, arm, or even the entire back, and can range in size from small and delicate to large and bold. Many people also opt for galaxy tattoo cover-ups, using the swirling patterns and cosmic elements to conceal old or unwanted tattoos. These tattoos not only serve as a beautiful form of self-expression, but also hold a deeper meaning for those who choose to get them.


Galaxy Rose Tattoo

Tattoo, Arm, Joint, Purple, Shoulder,

Frequently asked questions

A galaxy tattoo is a design that depicts the beauty and vastness of outer space, often using stars, planets, nebulas, and cosmic colors to create a scene that looks like it's part of the galaxy.

Absolutely! Galaxy designs can be an impressive theme for a sleeve tattoo, covering the arm with stellar patterns and cosmic imagery for a stunning, full-effect presentation.

Yes, galaxy tattoos can be ideal for cover-ups due to their vibrant colors and complex patterns which can effectively obscure previous tattoo work.

Females often choose galaxy tattoos that include delicate spirals, soft color gradients, and elements like moons, stars, and constellations. These can be tailored to fit various areas like the forearm, shoulder, or back.

Galaxy forearm tattoos are typically placed on the front or side of the forearm, but they can wrap around the entire arm for a more immersive look. Placement depends on the design's size and the wearer's preference.


Galaxy Tattoo Design

Tattoo, Arm, Purple, Leg, Galaxy,


Galaxy Space Tattoo

Tattoo, Purple, Temporary tattoo, Arm, Astronomical object,


Galaxy tattoos are a popular choice for people looking to express their creativity and appreciation for the beauty of the night sky. These tattoos typically feature a pattern of stars and galaxies, often in bright colors, and can be found on any part of the body.

The galaxy tattoo pictured above is a great example of the type of artwork available. It features a purple and blue galaxy pattern on the arm, with a few stars and a planetary object in the center. This is a temporary tattoo, so it can be easily removed if desired.

Galaxy tattoos are a great way to express your love of the night sky, and to show your appreciation for the beauty of the stars and galaxies. They can also be a reminder of the vastness of space and the mysteries it holds.

The style of galaxy tattoo can vary depending on the artist and the individual's preference. Some may feature a realistic or abstract design, while others may feature a more intricate pattern of stars and galaxies. It's important to choose an artist who has experience in creating galaxy tattoos, as they will be able to create a unique and beautiful piece that reflects your own individual style.


Galaxy Wolf Tattoo

Tattoo, Shoulder, Arm, Head, Temporary tattoo,


Galaxy Ink Tattoo

Butterfly, Tattoo, Shoulder, Temporary tattoo, Joint,


Galaxy Ink Tattoo is a popular tattoo parlor located in the heart of the city. They specialize in creating unique and beautiful tattoos that are inspired by galaxies, stars, nebulas, and other cosmic elements. Their talented artists have years of experience, and they are known for their dedication to customer satisfaction. They offer a wide range of services, from traditional tattoos to more intricate and artistic designs. They also offer temporary tattoos and body art services. Galaxy Ink Tattoo is the perfect place to get a unique and beautiful tattoo that will last a lifetime.


Galaxy Chest Tattoo

Tattoo, Shoulder, Arm, Joint, Flesh,


RealisTic Galaxy Tattoo

Tattoo, Arm, Temporary tattoo, Joint, Lip,


Galaxy Hand Tattoo

Hand, Finger, Arm, Wrist, Tattoo,


This particular Galaxy Hand Tattoo is a perfect example of an out of this world design. The black and grey ink creates a stunning contrast with the vibrant colors of the stars and planets. The tattoo is placed on the wrist and is a great way to express your love of the universe. It is a unique and eye-catching design that will be sure to turn heads. The tattoo is also a great conversation starter, as it can be used to talk about your passion for the stars and galaxies. Whether you are a fan of astronomy, astrology, or just the beauty of the night sky, this tattoo will be sure to make a statement.


Spiral Galaxy Tattoo

Shoulder, Temporary tattoo, Arm, Tattoo, Joint,


Galaxy Arm Tattoo

Tattoo, Arm, Tattoo artist, Fictional character, Font,


Galaxy arm tattoos are becoming increasingly popular amongst tattoo enthusiasts. This particular tattoo is a representation of a fictional character, with the font and design chosen to give it an interstellar feel. The colors used in the design are bright and vivid, creating an eye-catching look. The tattoo is placed on the arm, which is a common placement for tattoos, and the design is intricate and detailed. The tattoo artist behind this piece of artwork has done a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the character and creating a stunning piece of body art. This tattoo is sure to be a conversation starter and is sure to be admired by many.


Galaxy Cat TaTtoo

Human leg, Temporary tattoo, Arm, Leg, Tattoo,


Galaxy Tattoo Sleeve

Joint, Arm, Leg, Tattoo, Flesh,


Galaxy Tree Tattoo

Tattoo, Arm, Leg, Joint, Human leg,


Galaxy Shoulder Tattoo

Blue, Skin, Shoulder, Tattoo, Temporary tattoo,


Galaxy Watercolors Tattoo

Tattoo, Ankle, Joint, Leg, Temporary tattoo,


Deer Galaxy Tattoo

Tattoo, Arm, Shoulder, Joint, Human body,


Star Galaxy Tattoo

Skin, Shoulder, Arm, Tattoo, Lip,


Star Galaxy Tattoos are the perfect way to express your love of the stars and galaxies. These tattoos feature intricate designs that are inspired by the stars and galaxies in the night sky. They can be made in a variety of sizes and colors, and can be placed anywhere on the body. The tattoos are not only beautiful, but also symbolic of the infinite possibilities of the universe. They are a reminder that we are all connected and can reach for the stars. Star Galaxy Tattoos are a great way to express your creativity and individuality. They can be a source of inspiration and motivation, and can be a reminder of the beauty of the universe.


Galaxy Constellation Tattoo

Tattoo, Joint, Arm, Shoulder, Font,


Galaxy Skull Tattoo

Tattoo, Shoulder, Arm, Temporary tattoo, Joint,


The Galaxy Skull Tattoo is a unique and eye-catching design that is perfect for those wanting to stand out. It features a skull with a galaxy-like background and stars that are sure to draw attention. This tattoo is typically placed on the shoulder or arm, but can be put anywhere you'd like. It can be done as a permanent tattoo, but can also be done as a temporary one. It's a great way to express yourself and show off your creative side. This tattoo is sure to make a statement and is perfect for those looking for something truly unique.


Moon Galaxy Tattoo

Tattoo, Arm, Temporary tattoo, Leg, Shoulder,


Galaxy Color Tattoo

Tattoo, Temporary tattoo, Arm, Shoulder, Leg,


Space Galaxy Tattoo

Tattoo, Temporary tattoo, Shoulder, Arm, Joint,


Galaxy Forearm Tattoo

Tattoo, Temporary tattoo, Arm, Human leg, Calf,


Galaxy Baby Tattoo

Tattoo, Temporary tattoo, Purple, Finger, Skin,


Most Amazing Galaxy Tattoo

Leg, Human leg, Flesh, Arm, Tattoo,


Minimalist Galaxy Tattoo

Tattoo, Star, Arm, Astronomical object, Neck,


Small Galaxy Tattoo

Tattoo, Arm, Font, Temporary tattoo, Horseshoe,


Galaxy Bottle Tattoo

Tattoo, Temporary tattoo, Arm, Finger, Hand,


Galaxy Dog Tattoo

Sky, Arm, Atmosphere, Watercolor paint, Painting,

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