Galaxy Tattoos That Are out of This World ...

By Laura

If you read my last post on lip tattoos you'll know I love ink. I have quite a few tattoos and I'm dying to get more! This has led me to start looking at tattoos for my daughters-my oldest is obsessed with space-so much so that she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up. This has led me to looking for galaxy ink and let me say, I am in love! There are so many cool styles and ideas from zodiacs to constellations and more. Check out some of these awesome galaxy tattoo inkspirations for your next venture to the tattoo shop.

1 Galaxy Tattoo Cover up

Tattoo, Shoulder, Arm, Skin, Flesh,

2 Galaxy Rose Tattoo

Tattoo, Arm, Joint, Purple, Shoulder,

3 Galaxy Tattoo Design

Tattoo, Arm, Purple, Leg, Galaxy,

4 Galaxy Space Tattoo

Tattoo, Purple, Temporary tattoo, Arm, Astronomical object,

5 Galaxy Wolf Tattoo

Tattoo, Shoulder, Arm, Head, Temporary tattoo,

6 Galaxy Ink Tattoo

Butterfly, Tattoo, Shoulder, Temporary tattoo, Joint,

7 Galaxy Chest Tattoo

Tattoo, Shoulder, Arm, Joint, Flesh,

8 RealisTic Galaxy Tattoo

Tattoo, Arm, Temporary tattoo, Joint, Lip,

9 Galaxy Hand Tattoo

Hand, Finger, Arm, Wrist, Tattoo,

10 Spiral Galaxy Tattoo

Shoulder, Temporary tattoo, Arm, Tattoo, Joint,

11 Galaxy Arm Tattoo

Tattoo, Arm, Tattoo artist, Fictional character, Font,

12 Galaxy Cat TaTtoo

Human leg, Temporary tattoo, Arm, Leg, Tattoo,

13 Galaxy Tattoo Sleeve

Joint, Arm, Leg, Tattoo, Flesh,

14 Galaxy Tree Tattoo

Tattoo, Arm, Leg, Joint, Human leg,

15 Galaxy Shoulder Tattoo

Blue, Skin, Shoulder, Tattoo, Temporary tattoo,

16 Galaxy Watercolors Tattoo

Tattoo, Ankle, Joint, Leg, Temporary tattoo,

17 Deer Galaxy Tattoo

Tattoo, Arm, Shoulder, Joint, Human body,

18 Star Galaxy Tattoo

Skin, Shoulder, Arm, Tattoo, Lip,

19 Galaxy Constellation Tattoo

Tattoo, Joint, Arm, Shoulder, Font,

20 Galaxy Skull Tattoo

Tattoo, Shoulder, Arm, Temporary tattoo, Joint,

21 Moon Galaxy Tattoo

Tattoo, Arm, Temporary tattoo, Leg, Shoulder,

22 Galaxy Color Tattoo

Tattoo, Temporary tattoo, Arm, Shoulder, Leg,

23 Space Galaxy Tattoo

Tattoo, Temporary tattoo, Shoulder, Arm, Joint,

24 Galaxy Forearm Tattoo

Tattoo, Temporary tattoo, Arm, Human leg, Calf,

25 Galaxy Baby Tattoo

Tattoo, Temporary tattoo, Purple, Finger, Skin,

26 Most Amazing Galaxy Tattoo

Leg, Human leg, Flesh, Arm, Tattoo,

27 Minimalist Galaxy Tattoo

Tattoo, Star, Arm, Astronomical object, Neck,

28 Small Galaxy Tattoo

Tattoo, Arm, Font, Temporary tattoo, Horseshoe,

29 Galaxy Bottle Tattoo

Tattoo, Temporary tattoo, Arm, Finger, Hand,

30 Galaxy Dog Tattoo

Sky, Arm, Atmosphere, Watercolor paint, Painting,

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