Possess These Qualities if You Want to Be a Mentally Strong Woman ...

By Neecey

Mental strength is a great asset. It carries you through tough times and helps you respond to emotions in an effective way. Mental strength comes from and develops healthy habits. It engenders emotions, thoughts and behaviors that set you up for success. Are you mentally strong? These are the characteristics you will have if you are:

1 They Don’t Waste Time. They Move on

Mentally strong women don’t waste their time worrying about the past and things that they cannot change. They instead look to the future for ways to move on with their lives.

2 They Naturally like to Keep Control

If you find yourself naturally and inadvertently taking control of most of the situations in your life rather than being guided by somebody else, then you can definitely call yourself a strong woman.

3 They Accept Change and Turn It in to a Challenge

The difference between a mentally strong woman and the rest is that instead of bemoaning change, they accept it quickly and seek to move on and make the particular changes suit them.

4 They Don’t Waste Energy Complaining

To a mentally strong woman, complaining is for the weak! Rather than being negative about a situation, you should instead be putting your energy in to trying to make it better.

5 They Are Fair with Others and Never Mean

There is a difference between being firm but fair and just being plain mean. A true mentally strong woman doesn’t need to be nasty to get what she wants. She’s just, firm, fair and confident.

6 They Are Willing to Take Risks

You end up with very little in life if you never take any risks, and a mentally strong woman knows that she needs to put herself out there to get her rewards.

7 They Don’t Dwell on the past

Rather than dwelling in the past and never making any progress, a mentally strong woman knows the value of putting all of your energy in to concentrating on the present and future instead; things that she can influence.

8 They Are Kind to Others

No woman, or man for the matter, will be regarded as mentally strong if they need to consistently belittle others to feel good about themselves. It is by being kind that you win respect.

9 They Always Accept Responsibility for Their Behavior

A strong woman can be prone to misbehavior just like any other person, but it is in the taking responsibility for your actions that shows you have an inner strength and wider awareness.

10 They Are Not Afraid to Cheer Other’s Success

A mentally strong woman does not feel threatened by the success of others. She is secure enough to be able to celebrate this success in conjunction with her own.

11 They Are Not Afraid of Failure

A truly strong woman knows that failure is just part of the journey on the way to ultimate success. She doesn’t expect to have everything delivered on a silver platter without a few setbacks.

12 They Don’t Need to Be Surrounded by Company to Be Content

Sometimes, your own company is the best company, and mentally strong women know that they don’t have to surround themselves with people in order to feel content.

13 They Know That They Have to Work Hard

Nothing is handed to us for free, and strong women are not afraid to put the hard work in to get to the positions and end goals that they desire.

14 They Have Great Staying Power

So what if you don’t get what you want the first time around? A strong woman knows that she has to have staying power in order to achieve the success that she deserves.

15 They Are Not Stubborn Enough to Harbor Old Views

To stay on top of the mentally strong game, a woman knows that she has to modify her core beliefs as her life progresses.

16 They Know How to Use Their Energy

There is not point on wasting time and energy on something that isn’t going to benefit you sufficiently. She spends time more wisely for best results.

17 They Know That They Sometimes Have to Tolerate Discomfort

It’s not always going to be easy sailing, and a mentally strong woman knows that she must experience some discomfort along the way in order to some out in better shape on the other side.

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