Awesome Things You Can do to Make Someone Smile on Random Acts of Kindness Day ...


Awesome Things You Can do to Make Someone Smile on Random Acts of Kindness Day ...
Awesome Things You Can do to Make Someone Smile on Random Acts of Kindness Day ...

February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day 2018. The smallest gesture can make a huge difference to someone's day. Just a little effort on your part can cheer an unhappy person up or boost their self-esteem. And what's more, they'll then feel more inclined to be nice to someone else. So be a better person and make a difference to someone's on Random Acts of Kindness Day …

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Smile! It Will Make Everyone Happy

face, eyebrow, human action, hair, facial expression, A smile is infectious, so smile at everyone you meet during your day. It doesn't have to be a massive smile, just a friendly grin. Honestly, people will love it, especially shop workers who are used to being treated like they don't have feelings. So when you get on a bus or buy your coffee, smile at the driver or barista. It'll feel good for you as well.


Let the Other Person Be Right

face, person, head, official, professional, Even if you think that someone is wrong, it can be nice to let them feel that they are in the right. Say someone cuts in front of you in a traffic queue. Rather than gesture and sound the horn, let it pass. You don't know what's going on in their life; they may be having a bad day and not thinking about what's right. Letting it pass will avoid making their day any worse than it already is.


Stand up for Them

head, mouth, special effects, If you see someone being treated badly or called names in public, stand up for them. Too often people are reluctant to intervene because they think it is none of their business. But standing up for someone shows that there are people who support them and think that bullying is wrong.


Send Them a Thank You Message

line, shape, brand, triangle, rectangle, Of course we should be able to expect good service. But if you receive particularly good service, write to the company and praise the person who served you. Many jobs are poorly paid, and hearing compliments from a customer will help compensate a little. Positive feedback also helps the company as a whole, as they know what customers like and what works for them.


Compliment Them

hair, blond, hairstyle, Most of us aren't that good at accepting compliments, so try saying something nice to someone today. The more that we compliment each other, the more we'll get used to it. It's lovely to receive a sincere compliment!


Make Them Laugh

person, human positions, sitting, sense, Laughter is so good for us, so try to make someone laugh. It'll brighten their day, so point out something funny, tell a joke or send them a funny video (which they can then pass on to someone else to make them laugh as well!).


Chat to Someone Who's Lonely

black and white, sitting, furniture, monochrome photography, There are plenty of lonely people around, especially older people. Chat to a neighbor or older person who doesn't get out much. You could volunteer to befriend an elderly person who's housebound or in a residential home. Or share a table with an older person in a café.


Praise & Encourage Their Efforts

hair, hairstyle, supermodel, fashion, singing, It can also make a difference to someone's day if you praise their efforts and achievements. Perhaps they're feeling dispirited that something they're doing isn't going as well as they'd hoped. Be their cheerleader and give them some encouragement.


Random Acts of Kindness

person, screenshot, We've all heard of random acts of kindness, but how many of us have practised them or been on the receiving end of one? There's something very heart-warming about knowing that a stranger wanted to do something nice for you without even knowing you, or wanting anything in return.

What's made a difference to your day recently?

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Thank you for your sharing ,which makes this day has a perfect beginning.

I smile at strangers. Some people just look away, some smile back. You never know, you could make a new friend.

I think just smiling makes people happy.

Smile is a curve that sets everything straight! 😊

Life can be hard and unfair sometimes, but something so small and that doesn't cost anything but your time can mean so much! Sometimes it's not about what you have or who you are to be happy and blessed. Pay it forward, always...


Today, my mom, sister, dad, and I went shopping. My sis and I had a lot of fun just talking to each other!

I so agree. it was a beautiful day today and i saw these two young girls dressed supposedly going to churh and they looked so cute and i really wanted to give them a compliment but because i was in my own world i didnt give it.silly me. yes it is good to smile but i always get that if i smile they won't smile back...silly that is one of the issues with living in a city. no excuses but i will try and and make an effort next time.

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