7 Essential Skills to Master for Girls Who Want to Be More Emotionally Intelligent ...


7 Essential Skills to Master for Girls Who Want to Be More Emotionally Intelligent ...
7 Essential Skills to Master for Girls Who Want to Be More Emotionally Intelligent ...

Emotional intelligence is vastly underrated. Everyone has it, but as with any IQ, it's higher or lower ⬇️ depending on the individual. Likewise, the higher your emotional IQ, the better. It doesn't mean that you're more or less emotional than anybody else, but a high emotional intelligence does mean that you can both control and express your emotions appropriately, that you're aware of your emotions, and you're better able to empathize. You can see why you might want to master a few skills that will raise your emotional intelligence, right?

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You've Got to Have Empathy

Empathy is generally something you're born with, not something you're taught. However, you can learn 📕 to be more empathetic. First, however, you have to realize and admit that you lack empathy. Learning how to be empathetic involves a lot of introspection. You really have to look 👀 deep into yourself and then open yourself up. Otherwise, you'll still have problems understanding the feelings of others.


You Have to Be as Open-minded as Possible

Open-mindedness is a hallmark of high emotional intelligence. You realize that you have no control 🙅 over what other people do and you recognize that even though you don't understand or haven't experienced something, it's still valid. This aspect of emotional intelligence also means that you're willing to listen 📢 to other people speak about their experiences and you want to understand things from their perspective, specifically because that perspective is different from yours.


Teach Yourself to Pick up on Body Language Cues

If you pay attention ⚠️ to the people around you and open yourself up, you can easily read 📕 their body language. Body language reveals a wealth of unspoken feelings that are often more honest than everything spoken out loud. Once you can pick up on these cues, you'll be able to tell when other people are uncomfortable, uneasy, excited, or scared, among others.


Practice Being Assertive

Being assertive is essential. People walk 👞 all over you if you don't assert yourself. That doesn't mean you have to be aggressive, obnoxious, arrogant, or abusive, however. You simply have to make sure your voice 🎤 is heard. You count. What you say matters and it has value. Knowing that, don't be afraid 😨 to speak up and step up.


Always Be Mindful of Yourself

You are not perfect. Having a high emotional IQ doesn't make you immune to mistakes or bad calls of judgment. You have to be aware and mindful of yourself at all times. Know what you're saying, to whom you're speaking, and what effect your words and actions might have.


Learn 📕 to Bounce Back after a Problem

You always have to get back on the horse. Failing once, making a mistake, or doing worse than you intended – doesn't matter. It doesn't mean that you failed – and even if you did, so what? You learn 📕 so much more from your failures than you learn from your successes. If there's an obstacle in your way, find a way around it. If you have a problem, solve it. When the first solution doesn't work, try another. Always keep trying.


Focus on Providing Solutions Instead of Having Arguments

Arguments solve nothing. Solutions do. What's a more valuable use of your time, arguing over the problem or providing a solution? Arguments can go around in circles forever, but a solution fixes the need to argue in the first place.

How would you rate your emotional intelligence? Do you think it could be higher? Maybe these skills will help you!

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Number 4, struggling on that. Especially the whole make your voice be heard thing.

What a beautiful and insightful article. Thank you" I j

I'm still working on the assertive part 🤔

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