Genius Ways to Make Your Compliments Sound More Sincere ...


Genius Ways to Make Your Compliments Sound More Sincere ...
Genius Ways to Make Your Compliments Sound More Sincere ...

Wondering how to make your compliments sincere? Have you ever found yourself in the awkward position when you offer a compliment to somebody, only for it to come out sounding borderline sarcastic and jokey? Despite your best intentions, perhaps there is something about your delivery or the thing that you have chosen to speak about that has gone down the wrong way on the recipient’s end. This can often be the case if you are a very shy person who isn’t used to a lot of outwardly positive social interaction, but don’t worry, there definitely are things that you can do rectify your unfortunate habit for handing out hollow compliments. Here's how to make your compliments sincere.

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Be Authentic

Authenticity is really important when you're practicing how to make your compliments sincere. Whatever you are saying, make sure that you mean it instead of making something up to try to impress. Pick out something about the person that they too can believe you mean. For example, telling somebody they have great hair when they have a hat on isn’t the best idea!


Notice Their Motivations

Try to pick up on what the person’s passions and motivations are, and then base your compliments from there. The more you know about them, the more personal and spot on your compliments will be instead of just sticking to broad themes.


Personal Qualities

Instead of focusing on the aesthetic side of things for your compliments, instead, try to say things that relate to personality traits. It helps to show that you are really paying attention rather than just looking at the surface.


Highlighting personal qualities indicates that you value more than just someone's outward appearance. Compliments such as "You have such a warm, generous spirit" or "I admire your determination and how you tackle challenges" can evoke a powerful emotional response, as they reaffirm someone's inner self-worth. It's not just about what a person brings to the table physically, but rather the unique elements of their character that you appreciate. This can strengthen connections and build deeper, more meaningful relationships.


Go Deeper

Try to connect with the person on a much deeper level than just the surface. It’s more than throwing a simple compliment across the office or the apartment, it’s more about making a connection with that person that makes them feel valued and appreciated.


Finding a genuine thread of connection requires listening and observing the nuances of what makes them unique. Notice the efforts they put in, whether that's meticulous planning, their creative flair, or even their resilience in tough situations. When you compliment, let it resonate with their core values and the qualities they pride themselves on. Tell them how their dedication inspires you, or how their positive energy enhances the workplace. It’s that heartfelt acknowledgment of someone’s essence that transforms a compliment from pleasant words into a memorable gesture of kindness.


Be Specific

Being as specific as you can will help you not to look too uncaring or flippant. Don’t just say ‘you look nice today’, pick something about their outfit or their appearance and make a big deal about it. Once again it shows that you are really taking notice.


Instead of generic praise, aim for the particulars. For example, let them know you adore how their emerald earrings bring out the sparkle in their eyes, or how their silk scarf adds a splash of sophistication to their outfit. It's all about highlighting the efforts they've put into their choices. By focusing on specific elements, your compliment doesn't just float on the surface—it dives deeper, affirming their sense of style and, more importantly, making them feel truly seen and appreciated.


End with a Question

Don’t just say that you like their hair and then walk away. Use the compliment to start a conversation by ending with a question. “I love your hair today, what products do you use?”. This starts to build a connection that is more than just saying nice things about one another in the hallway.


Ending a compliment with a question not only shows genuine interest but also encourages a meaningful dialogue. You could remark, "Your scarf is stunning, is there a story behind it?" This approach not only reinforces the sincerity of your compliment but also provides an opportunity for the person to share a bit of their life with you, deepening the bond between you. Remember, authentic conversations often start with small, sincere interactions.


No Agenda

Don’t deliver a compliment and then immediately ask for a favor. That makes the nice thing that you said feel really vacuous and shallow like you have only said it so that they feel they can’t say no to your request.


When you sprinkle compliments without any hidden motives, the authenticity bubbles to the surface. It's essential to give praise selflessly, bathing the other person in genuine admiration. We all have an intuitive sense for when a compliment is a prelude to a request. So, hold back on any ask when you offer your kind words. Allow the compliment to stand on its own, giving it time to sink in and be fully appreciated. This way, when you do eventually need a favor, your previous sincerity will lend you credibility rather than cast doubt on your intentions.


Inner Beauty

Make sure that your compliments aren’t always about external beauty, make sure that you compliment inner beauty as well. If somebody is being particularly kind, compassionate or helpful, make sure that they know it!

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