7 Ways to Grow as a Person ...


7 Ways to Grow as a Person ...
7 Ways to Grow as a Person ...

If you're looking to learn more about the universe and about yourself, there are ways to grow as a person. High school and college aren't the only times when you should feel free to learn. No matter how old or young you are, you can find new ways to grow as a person. Here are some of the easiest things that you can do that can teach you a whole lot:

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Let Loose

The first step to growing is to realize that everything you've learned up until now could be a lie. If you have a closed mind and stay stuck in the beliefs that you've always had, you won't be able to open yourself up to new possibilities. One of the best ways to grow as a person is to let go of your fears and preconceptions. Your mind should be a blank slate.


Admire Art

Go to a museum to admire paintings or to a concert to listen to music. Choose any form of art that you'd like, but make sure that you really pay attention to it. Art can alter your perception and make you think about things that have never crossed your mind before. They could also make you think about certain things in a new light, so explore the art world as thoroughly as you can.


Time to Travel

If you have the opportunity to travel around the globe, take it. The more places you travel to, the more you'll learn about the world. If you're stuck in one city or town for your entire life, you'll end up thinking that the people around you are the only type of people that exist. Traveling will open your eyes. It'll show you new foods, new songs, and new traditions.


Expand Social Circle

You shouldn't get rid of your current friends, but you should expand your social circle. Try to make friends that are different than the ones you already have. Maybe your new friends will be from a different country than you or will be of a different social class. Whatever the difference is, they can help you see the world from their point of view.


Learn New Lessons

Take a class about a topic that interests you or do research on your own. Watch the news and read about it in the papers. Don't be blind to what's happening in the world. If you want to grow, you need to learn, and the best way to do so is by feeding information to your mind.


Broaden Your Brain

Don't accept everything you hear as the truth. If someone tells you something, see if you can find a source that backs it up. The more you grow, the smarter you'll become, which means you'll start realizing how important clear facts are.


Go out and about

While you can learn tons of information from books and the internet, try going out into the world. You might see something on a quick trip to the grocery store that changes your life. Don't lock yourself inside of your house when you could spend some valuable time walking around in nature and visiting landmarks.

No matter how perfect you think you are, there's always room to grow. Are you a much different person that you were a few years ago?

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Just what i needed, on holidays from study atm and really need to get out a bit more!

This post has really helped me a lot! Thank you!

This article is great! Travel is a huge one for me.

This is really great...

Erica Brooks, I totally agree with what you just said.. So true we become so involved in our daily routine that for moments we think if that's the only think left to do when there is So much to explore, learn and feel happy about something new..

nice article, we become so involved in our daily routine, we forgot that what we used to like as a teen. Time to remember that and act on it..

Really good and helpful post..! Thank you

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