5 Genius Tips on How to Better Yourself ...


5 Genius Tips on How to Better Yourself ...
5 Genius Tips on How to Better Yourself ...

Alright ladies, come hither. I’m about to give you some tips on how to better yourself in order for you to be a happier and stronger woman. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

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Do Your Research

suit, gentleman, white collar worker, By this, I mean to try to grasp as much knowledge as you can from any aspect of your life. Why is that free pottery class going to benefit you? Who knows? You won't unless you give it a try. It could be a great conversation starter at your sister’s baby shower. Having knowledge about many things is a gift that keeps giving. It always feels good to know that you can solve problems and predicaments, all while teaching others what you know.


Be Honest

photo caption, girl, brown hair, happiness, Don’t just be honest with everyone else, but with yourself too. Facing the facts of life can be difficult, but lying to yourself or to others digs a deeper (and shittier) hole. Dealing with reality makes the course of your life smoother the more truthful you are.


Put More Thought into Self-maintenance

face, eyebrow, person, skin, cheek, Every woman is different. I sure as hell don’t take care of my feet as much as I should. However, I try my best to not look like a complete mess. Of course, everyone has those days where they aren’t at their best. The important thing about your self-maintenance is that it helps you feel good about yourself. I can’t remember a time where my eyebrows didn’t make me feel better about the fact that I had 3 different bills to pay with only enough money to pay for one. Maintaining your hair, skin, and nails may not solve all of your life problems, but it sure does help you feel like some part of your life is balanced and may even be that boost of self-esteem that was needed.


Be Yourself

eyebrow, human hair color, blond, beauty, chin, Super cliché, I know! However, it’s true. Expressing yourself in your own unique way helps you create your mark on this world. Also, being open about who you are opens so many doors for you. Friends, job opportunities, etc. People like when other people aren’t afraid to show them what they’re made of. And please, don’t listen to what other people think of you. Not everyone is the same, but conforming to other’s beliefs or society's norms tarnishes your character and who you really are.



facial expression, nose, emotion, chin, smile, We get it. You want to be this strong woman who doesn’t like to show her sensitive side. In some cases, it’s fine to have your guard up, but crying releases so much of that pent up emotion that doesn’t need to be there. Let’s normalize crying. I did it just three days ago!

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