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5 Empowering Yojijukugo to Start the Day ...

By Lekendra

I'm here with some empowering yojijukugo to start your day. What is a 'yojijukugo'? It's a grouping of four characters in the Japanese kanji writing system (which is borrowed from the Chinese language), that expresses an idea or concept. Getting up in the morning is hard; getting up and knowing that you have to do things that aren't your favorite things to do is even harder. How we prime ourselves for the day mentally can affect our quality of life, so, starting things off on a positive note can do nothing but help us as we face challenges throughout the day. Here are 5 empowering yojijukugo to start your day.

1 一日一歩: Ichinichippo (One Day, One Step) Take Things One Day at a Time!

Remember that life is a journey! There are many roads to travel down before it ends. Take life one step at a time, and know that you have control and deserve to enjoy the world and all of its beauty on your own terms. Set goals for yourself, and don't get discouraged if you have setbacks. Some successes have more steps to complete than others, and that's okay.

2 一笑千金: Isshousenkin (a Beautiful Woman's Smile is Worth a Thousand Pieces of Gold) Your Coordinated Look Today is Fabulous, but Don't Forget Your Smile at Home!

When was the last time that you looked at yourself in the mirror and saw your own value reflecting back at you? Remember that the best look that you can wear is your own happiness. A genuine smile can do things for you that not even the best concealer can.

3 奇貨可居: Kikaokubeshi (You Must Seize Every Golden Opportunity) Strike While the Iron is Hot!

What do you want to do? Be a writer? A scientist? A teacher? Who do you want to meet? When opportunities reveal themselves, don't be afraid to pursue them! After all, they have been presented to you for a reason. Strike while the iron is hot so that you can mold your future on your own terms. Don't let the iron cool and end up stuck with whatever shape it happens to take.

4 好事多魔: Koujitama (Unsullied Happiness is Rare) We All Want to Be Happy, but Sometimes, Life Disagrees

The universe is balanced that way. With great happiness comes great sadness, with freedom comes responsibility, with times of feast come times of famine. Life isn't always sunshine and puppy kisses, but that doesn't mean that it isn't worth living. Being a sentient being in the here and now, in the past and in the future is an experience. This experience is all your own and unique to you.

5 七転八起: Shichitenhaki (Fall Seven Times, Stand up Eight) Don't Give up!

When you fall down, you can pick yourself back up. Setbacks happen. Failure happens. Mistakes happen. No one fits the ideal of perfection. We all have flaws. However, it is those flaws that combine with your strengths that make you. You aren't a perfect girl, you are a perfect YOU. There's only one perfect you, so take good care of her!

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