5 Things to Remember when You're Feeling down ...


5 Things to Remember when You're Feeling down ...
5 Things to Remember when You're Feeling down ...

In this world, you will hardly find people who smile when they see you shining bright in the colors of success. That is the real world that is trying hard to bring out the best from itself. You may receive a lot of criticism when you do something you love. Sometimes, people will not appreciate you for what you are doing. But if you love yourself and love what you do, why do you let others hit you with bad vibes? Find yourself in what you do and never get lost again. Here are some things to remind yourself with when you feel low and demotivated.

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You Rule the Cards

Let the queen rule! People may break your heart, but you got to fix it and make it beat for yourself. Do not let anybody ruin your game. You are standing alone and working it off with all your hard work and pride. Never let anybody take it away from you. It is pretty tough to let the critics come to you and say ‘’Hey! You’re not good enough!’’ but why walk with them on the wrong path? Why don’t you leave them behind and be like ‘’Who cares?’’.


Does the Reward Make You Happy?

It doesn’t matter if you are earning $200 or $20,000, what matters is if you are happy with it! This world is created by opportunities and that is why we see it grow so much. But do you ever see a rich woman living her best life without happiness? If you worked for it, and you got rewards for it, treasure it!


Be Your Own Boss

It doesn’t matter if you're doing a job or if you own a business. You are doing what you love and that makes you a great person. So what if you have this crazy idea for your startup? Go for it! Risk it all because the regret is going to cost you a lot if you don’t.

4 Hear Music Instead of Words.

When you hear your parents say ‘’It is not enough’’, hear it like it is a song. Yes, it is sad and it hurts when you think deep about it but you never let it come to you for long. It is okay to feel sad but trust me, it is not permanent. So whenever you hear something bad about yourself, listen to it and let it go because there are going to be thousands of music tracks releasing this month!


This is Your Fight Song

It isn’t about them, it is about you! You got to fight it and nobody else can make it better. Confidence is what helps you expand the horizon of prosperity. Why do you even let it hurt you when you can turn things around with a smile?

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