How to Turn Your Jealousy into a Positive Attribute ...


How to Turn Your Jealousy into a Positive Attribute ...
How to Turn Your Jealousy into a Positive Attribute ...

We all get jealous from time to time. However, you can't let your emotions stop you from living a happy life. In fact, if you play your cards right, you can actually turn your jealousy into a positive thing. All you have to do is alter the way you think about your situation and find ways to improve it. If you don't think it's possible, here's how you can turn your jealousy into a positive thing:

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Let It Motivate You

There are dozens of different things that a person can be jealous of, like boys and money and material items. If you happen to be jealous of your friend's job, then you should use that jealousy to push you to be successful. The more you want something, the higher your chances are of actually getting it.


Let It Strengthen Your Relationship

If you're jealous of a girl that your boyfriend is always talking to, then you should sit him down and discuss the situation. It might feel awkward to bring up your jealous feelings, but it will actually strengthen your relationship in the long run. As long as you don't accuse your boyfriend of anything that could cause him to get mad, then he'll be able to talk to you rationally and calm whatever fears you have about the other women in his life.


Let It Work as Your Guide

If your friend got an internship that she's excited about, and you're jealous of her, ask her questions about how she landed the position. If you figure out what she did right, then you can change whatever you're doing wrong. Use your friend's success as a guide to help you succeed, too.


Let It Give You Perspective

Don't assume that your neighbor is living the high life, just because they have a fancy car. Think about what they've had to do in order to get that car. They're probably working constantly, sacrificing hours that they could be spending with their family. So before you wish that your life was just like theirs, think of the downsides to their success.


Let It Show You What You Want in Life

Some people have no clue what they want in life. That's why jealousy can be so helpful. If you find yourself becoming jealous of your friend's relationship, then it shows you that you want a relationship of your own. Your jealousy will give you some insight into your own wants and needs.


Let It Comfort You

If your friend gets a high score on her SAT, don't be jealous. It's proof that it's actually possible to do well on the test. That should give you motivation to try hard yourself, because if your friend can do it, then you can, too.


Let It Brighten Your Friend's Day

No one thinks that they have a perfect life. So if you're jealous of your friend's success or boyfriend, tell them. Even if it doesn't make your day any better, it'll brighten their day. They'll be happy to know that someone is actually impressed by them.

Your jealousy doesn't have to destroy you. You can use it as a learning tool in order to motivate you to live a better life. Are you an extremely jealous person?

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Thank you for this, I've been feeling down because I think I've been being too jealous lately.

"Let it Motivate You" love it!!!

I love jealousy. Jealous girls make me feel warm and loved. I only wanna be hers. She doesnt wanna share me.

True. We always want what good things we don't have.

Great tips!

Did you know that God in the Bible refers himself as "a jealous God"? So never feel bad about it, just don't let it control you or someone you love!

I'm I person who is constantly jealous of everyone, I'll try to use these tips to be a change this jealously into success. Thank you!

You are really inspirational one! I am life coach and these are always on my list for my clients. Perfect tips! Loves from Istanbul!

Great read hey , come to think of it, we all have that little animal in us hey and it's good to know that we can somehow avoid it, thanks.

Jealousy can be healthy it shows you are alive esp so far as it doesn't consume to breakpoint then it's not a big deal really. It is after all part of the human psyche like I will always say everything in moderation.

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