Successful Women Should Never Apologize for These 17 Things ...


Successful Women Should Never Apologize for These 17 Things ...
Successful Women Should Never Apologize for These 17 Things ...

Women apologize for a lot. I do it. I bet plenty of you do it, too, right? It's ingrained in us. We're taught to be sorry for everything, especially if it involves asserting ourselves or stepping up. Well, eff that. I'm tired of saying I'm sorry all the time, especially when I'm really not sorry at all. There's a time and a place to apologize for things, but if you ask me, there are also some things that successful women should never apologize for.

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Disagreeing with Someone else

person, profession, You're allowed to disagree with things, even if you're disagreeing with a colleague or your boss – and you should never apologize for that.


Having and/or Voicing Your Own Opinion

Having and/or Voicing Your Own Opinion Similarly, you never have to apologize for having your own opinion or for voicing it, even if your opinion is different from someone else's.


Opinions shape who we are and how we see the world, and successful women understand the value of expressing themselves authentically. Own your stance with confidence, as a diversity of perspectives is crucial in any dynamic environment. Remember, your voice may provide a fresh viewpoint or inspire change, and apologizing for your thoughts diminishes their impact and your influence. Embrace respectful discourse and stand firm, for your opinions are a testament to your unique experiences and wisdom.


Turning down a Date

Turning down a Date You don't owe anyone your time so there's no reason to be sorry when you say no – you haven't done anything wrong.


Just remember, your autonomy is paramount and respecting your boundaries is a form of self-care. If being asked out doesn't align with your priorities or feelings at the moment, communicate that with confidence. It's completely valid to decline without explanation. But if you choose to provide one, keep it brief and truthful. Whether it's due to a packed schedule, a focus on personal goals, or simply a lack of interest, you're empowered to make choices that best serve you. Never feel guilt-tripped into accepting social invitations, your peace of mind is priceless.


Saying No to Sex

Saying No to Sex You don't owe anyone your body, either, and there's no reason to ever be sorry for telling someone you're not interested like that.


Having a Great Idea

Having a Great Idea Celebrate your fantastic ideas, don't apologize for them – especially if you're at work. Make sure everyone knows that you're proud of coming up with something incredible!


Asking Someone to Move

Asking Someone to Move You do not have to apologize to someone just because you need to be wherever they are. Simply ask them politely to move and then go on about your day.


Getting Your Job Done like a Boss

Getting Your Job Done like a Boss Even if you're tasked with something unpleasant, don't feel like you have to say you're sorry – you're just doing your job and doing it well, so whoever doesn't like it can lump it.


Being in a Relationship

Being in a Relationship Nope, you never have to apologize for this, that's insane.


Being Single

Being Single Not only do you not have to apologize for this and you don't have to explain it, either.


Having Children

Having Children You don't have to be sorry for being a mother, for taking maternity leave, for breastfeeding or choosing not to, or for making time for your kids.


Choosing Not to Have Children

Choosing Not to Have Children Anyone who even acts like you need to apologize for this is a jerk – and anyone who questions you about it needs to mind their own pretty quick.


Getting a Promotion

Getting a Promotion Why in the world should you ever be sorry for slaying your job?


Looking “too” Anything

Looking “too” Anything Too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, too pretty, too distracting, too smart, too funny – whatever you are, you're just enough, so stop apologizing!


Feeling Upset about Something

Feeling Upset about Something Don't ever apologize for your emotions – they're valid and you're allowed to feel your feelings, damn it.


Getting Angry

Getting Angry Women apologize for their anger all the time, but really, there are times when we have a lot to be mad about.


Being on Your Period

Being on Your Period It's natural, it's a bodily function, and like peeing, pooing, burping, or farting, it's not anything that requires an apology.


Having Passion about Something

Having Passion about Something You're not hysterical, you're not dramatic, and you're not over-emotional just because you're passionate about it, so don't say you're sorry.

What are you sick to death of apologizing for?

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Apologising for speaking your mind. I am NEVER sorry about that. Yesterday a guy at work said I am too intimidating. Because I speak my mind. How you hear it, that is your business. But I have a way of doing things. Come next to. You do my way..😆

So so true we are so self deprecating as well. However eventually that fear dissipates. Don't apologise for being a woman celebrate it and ignore the people who try to stand in your way.

I'm too emotional😩 I often apologize and sometimes I really really don't.


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