Exceptional Ways to Tackle Blue Monday ...


Exceptional Ways to Tackle Blue Monday ...
Exceptional Ways to Tackle Blue Monday ...

I don’t want to alarm you, but one of the most depressing days of the year is here! According to several studies across the years, the third Monday of every January has been identified as being the day of the year when everyone’s spirits are at their lowest. Blue Monday is far away enough from the holiday season to make you miss it, and long away enough from any other kind of celebration that people can feel particularly despondent! So, what can you do in order to get through the supposed most depressing day of the year? Here are some ways to tackle Blue Monday.

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Small Goals

Rather than thinking about big year-long goals that are going to take you months and months to complete, instead work on focusing on small targets that you can have a chance of meeting during the month of January. The thought of having goals within reach can help you to stay motivated during the back end of the month, and you might completely sail past Blue Monday without even thinking about it!



Christmas can be a tough time for your wallet, but you can put some security and comfort back in to your life if you work on budgeting well in January. To stop you from feeling untethered and afloat, come up with a good budget and financial plan right now and on Blue Monday you won’t feel the pressure because you will be happy with your financial future.


Vitamin D

It’s fair to say that there isn’t much sunlight to get natural Vitamin D from during January in the northern hemisphere, so you need to seek it from other sources like food and supplements. Egg yolks, mushrooms, oily fish, these are all great sources of Vitamin D, and consuming more of them will boost your immune system and just make you feel much better in general.


Sensible Resolutions

Don’t make grand New Year’s resolutions that you know deep down you aren’t going to be able to keep, because this sense of impending failure is one of the key things that can affect people on Blue Monday. Instead, work on smaller, more sensible and small scale goals that are know going to weigh on you so heavily.


Ask for Help

If you find yourself really struggling emotionally in the post-holiday environment, then please don’t be afraid to reach out for help. With you do it through family, friends, a charity or a system set up at work, nobody should feel like they need to suffer in silence. That chances are more people are feeling the same way as you than you know!

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