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9 Ways to Supercharge Your Focus and Achieve Success ...

By Neecey

You set goals because you have a vision of what your successful life will be. Those goals should drive your actions and ultimately achievements. But simply setting goals doesn't mean reaching them. Most goals require effort (if they don't you're giving yourself too easy a ride). What can you do to ensure you focus on achieving your goals and success.

1 Trust Your Intuition

Pont Alexandre III, red, clothing, lady, beauty,One of the best ways to focus on excellence is to train yourself to trust your intuition and go with your gut. Sometimes the logical choice isn’t always the choice that is going to bring you the most success, and our bodies are usually really good t letting us know what is and what isn’t right. Listen to what your intuition is telling you; it usually knows best!

2 Clarity

clothing, photography, beauty, black hair, supermodel,When trying to achieve a certain goal, you should do your best to block out all other external factors that are not strictly related to succeeding in your chosen task. Procrastination and distraction are the archenemies of achievement, so make sure that your mind has as much clarity as possible in order to smash your targets and reach your goals.


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3 Have Conviction

hair, face, nose, photography, hairstyle,A person’s personal success can so often be curtailed by their inability to put themselves first and say no to others who ask too much of them. To achieve your personal goals, you need to have courage in your convictions and courage to be able to put yourself first and let others down gently when their requests directly affect your own targets.

4 No Fear

red, clothing, lady, dress, footwear,Fear is the number one reason why some people do not go that extra mile to achieve their dreams and success. Whether it is fear of change, fear of failure or fear of putting yourself out there, you need to override this natural instinct to hide away and really push for your dreams. It is normal to be afraid of pushing yourself, but the important part is to cast this fear aside and jump in head first.

5 Be Happy

clothing, dress, pattern, outerwear, fashion,It’s no secret that a happier a person is, the more fulfilled their life will seem. True, it’s not as easy as just wishing for happiness and having it granted to you, but finding happiness and achieving your goals often go hand in hand. Whether than means quitting a job that you hate in order to try for the one that you dream about, or something on a smaller scale, the link between happiness and success stays the same.

6 Seek a Mentor

Arc de Triomf, photograph, image, arch, 000,In order to really excel in your chosen field, it can be a really good idea to seek out a mentor who can give you good advice and guide you in the right direction when you need help. Having somebody to talk to is always a great form of therapy and can be so helpful.

7 Be Decisive

hair, clothing, human positions, blond, sitting,Sometimes, the longer it takes for you to mull over certain decisions, the further away achieving your dreams seems to be. I’m not saying act super impulsively, but make the effort not to let certain decisions drag on for longer than they have to. Be decisive and you will reap the rewards.

8 Don’t Settle

hair, pink, clothing, hairstyle, dress,Life is way too short to be settling for second best, and this is even more so the case when it comes to reaching for your ultimate goals. Instead of taking the easy option, stick to your guns and demand the best. This is only way that you are going to end up with what you deserve.

9 Don’t Compare Yourself

white, photograph, clothing, person, woman,We all have different and varying dreams and goals, so don’t measure your own success with the success of somebody who is aspiring to completely things than you. There is no direct correlation, and the exercise will only prove to be disheartening for you if you find that the other person is achieving more at this precise moment.

The only things really standing in the way of you achieving excellence and success is you. Be strong and focussed and you'll succeed.

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