8 Super Hard Things to Say to Someone You Know for Girls Worried about Repercussions ...


8 Super Hard Things to Say to Someone You Know for Girls Worried about Repercussions ...
8 Super Hard Things to Say to Someone You Know for Girls Worried about Repercussions ...

Wouldn't it be so nice if we could say anything to anyone and not be worried and/or afraid of the repercussions our words may have? Please let that day come!

Can you relate to these things that can be super hard to say to someone you know and which is the hardest for you personally?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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I'm Sorry

person, emotion, singing, film, I'm, Why can apologising be so super hard to say to someone we know? Because sometimes we don't want to admit that we were wrong about something or that we have made a mistake and have realised that now. We want others to believe that we know what we're doing at all times and that we rarely make mistakes, and since apologising is pretty similar to admitting a mistake, it's something a lot of us want to avoid if possible.


I Love You

facial expression, emotion, love, you, It's pretty scary to say those little three words to someone we know, mostly because we're afraid of receiving rejection and/or judgement. Another reason why it's super hard is because unless that person has expressed their feelings for us previously, we don't know what they will say or how they will react. We don't know if we'll hear those words returned to us or left without.


I Miss You

black, white, person, painting, photograph, Saying you miss someone you know isn't always easy, especially if you're someone who isn't big on expressing their feelings or emotions to others and tends to avoid showing affection. It can also be quite sad to say because when we miss someone it's usually because they're not here with us.


I Need Help

person, facial expression, emotion, profession, speech, Many people may know they need help deep down - they can admit this to themselves no problem - but it's another story when it comes to telling someone you know. Again, we may be afraid of being judged by this person or that they will think less of us if we admit that we're not perfect and need help.


I'm Scared

film, brown hair, singing, I'm, scared, Simply saying you're scared can be really hard to do as well, mostly because we might be thinking it but it always sounds so much more real when we say it out loud. Some people may often keep this to themselves because of this reason.


I Can't do This

black and white, film noir, painting, portrait photography, portrait, It's natural that we want the people we know to think the best of us, so sometimes saying 'I can't do this' can be hard and scary to admit because they might get the impression that we aren't capable of what they thought we were.


I Want to Be with You

person, black and white, woman, facial expression, photography, Not everyone finds it easy to express their romantic feelings for someone they know, especially since there's always a chance that we will be rejected or turned down, possibly resulting in a loss of confidence and self-assurance that we may have had prior to expressing ourselves in this way.


I Don't Know What I Want

person, have, idea, what, I'm, Often we want to give others around us the impression that we know exactly what we want at all times and that we're 100% positive about every decision that we make. Sometimes, though, it takes some people longer to find the direction they want to go in and this can be hard to admit.

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