8 Super Hard πŸ˜– Things to Say πŸ—― to Someone You Know πŸ’­ for Girls Worried 😳 about Repercussions ...

Wouldn't it be so nice if we could say anything to anyone and not be worried and/or afraid of the repercussions our words may have? Please let that day come!

Can you relate to these things that can be super hard to say to someone you know and which is the hardest for you personally?

1. I'm Sorry

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Why can apologising be so super hard to say to someone we know? Because sometimes we don't want to admit that we were wrong about something or that we have made a mistake and have realised that now. We want others to believe that we know what we're doing at all times and that we rarely make mistakes, and since apologising is pretty similar to admitting a mistake, it's something a lot of us want to avoid if possible.

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