This is How Your Star Sign Shows Anger ...


This is How Your Star Sign Shows Anger ...
This is How Your Star Sign Shows Anger ...

Anger is one of the most powerful human emotions and we all express it in different ways. How you deal with it can be down to your upbringing, your personal values and those that set stall by such things, even your star sign. Controlling anger and making it work positively for you can bring rewards so anything that helps you understand your anger drivers and how you express anger can only help you get better. Here’s how each star sign typically expresses anger:

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human hair color, hair, human action, person, blond, An Aquarius loves to have debates and thought provoking discussion, but you cannot stand to have an argument. Because of this, you are more prone to just ghosting a person rather than having it out with them. Confrontation with an Aquarius? Not really!



person, hairstyle, eye, interaction, Emotions can run very deep for a Pisces, and because you invest so heavily, you are more prone to getting hurt deeply. There is nobody that can hold a grudge like a Pisces, so anyone crossing you better watch out!



red, stuffed toy, toy, plush, mascot, Aries is one of the three fire signs, so you definitely know how to burn somebody if they are asking for it! Though you may be fiery, a good quality to balance it out is the fact that you are quick to get over a grudge or an annoyance, no matter how fast you fly off the handle.



human action, person, image, nose, photography, Taurus’s don’t tend to get angry very easily, but when you do it is in a calculated, passive aggressive type way that tends to cut even deeper than an outburst! It’s important for a Taurus to get your anger out before it eats away at you on the inside.



person, glasses, sense, official, vision care, Otherwise known as The Twins, a Gemini can have the force of two angry people if something gets you really riled up! You can go for as long as you need to, so if someone angers a Gemini, they should be prepared to hear about it for days and days!



screenshot, singing, Cancers have a very sweet and gentle nature, which also means that you can tend to be more sensitive than other signs. You can get hurt easily, but you can generally rationalize things and it would take a really big betrayal or incident to make you truly angry.



person, speech,, You are another fire sign that is prone to a fiery temper, but surely that is what everyone expects from a Leo! Much like an Aries though, the anger will come quickly and ferociously but it will also disappear just as quickly.



Style, person, mouth, hairstyle, finger, Virgos definitely win the award for the most patient sign of all. Because of your calm disposition, people tend do tend to come to you to discuss problems, and as a result a lot of Virgo anger tends to arise out of the sadness and injustices you hear from others.



people, conversation, Libras are natural peacekeepers and try to stay as civil and calm as possible at all times. You would rather run away from confrontation than face it head on, so others shouldn’t expect a Libra to pick a fight any time soon.



cartoon, anime, screenshot, illustration, A Scorpio’s anger may not come out in your speech, but it will definitely come out in your body language. If someone can sense some distance being created, then they will know that they have done something to upset a Scorpio!



mouth, screenshot, fictional character, The third fire sign, a Sagittarius lets it be known when something has been done to anger them! Unlike the other fire signs, however, it might take a Sagittarius a little longer to calm down; you like to stew in your own anger for a while.



hair, person, blond, lady, hairstyle, Capricorns don’t tend to get angry too quickly and too often, so everyone will know that when you do express anger, it has been something that has been building up for months and months!

How true is this for you. As a Gemini, I totally concur with the analysis for my sign.

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I'm a typical Capricorn, and yes this is me!

So not true. Virgo.

So accurate ! Love it .

So me, true

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