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7 Memorable Quotes from Disney Movies That We Love ...

By Marie

If you’re a forever Disney fan like me, you are sure to enjoy these memorable quotes from Disney movies. Despite the lightheartedness of many Disney films and their often over-simplified view of the world as either good or evil, there are hidden words of wisdom in almost every Walt Disney movie that are not only inspiring, but meaningful and thought-provoking. I hope these fine quotes from Disney movies will warm your heart today. Read on!

1 "You're Mad. Bonkers. off Your Head... but I'll Tell You a Secret... All of the Best People Are." – Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland

This is undoubtedly one of my favorite quotes from Disney movies. I think this quote can be interpreted in several ways, but the first thing that came to my mind was something we all have heard before: that madness is genius. Or perhaps Mad Hatter is implying that a little “crazy” inside of you is what makes you special and interesting, and that we must to embrace our quirks and oddities, because they just may become our greatest strengths!

2 “a True Hero Isn’t Measured by the Size of His Strength, but by the Strength of His Heart." - Hercules

Hercules becomes a true hero when he risks his life to save Meg. Although famous for his physical strength, it seems like Hercules had not only a strong heart but also a wise mind, according to this quote. He could simply be referring to love when he says strength of the heart, but I think he may just mean courage, a true strength of the heart that makes us face our fears for ourselves and for the ones we love.

3 “I Know I’m Supposed to Hate Humans, but There’s Something about Them. They Don’t Just Survive. They Discover, They Create! Just Look at What They do with Food!” – Remy, Ratatouille

A rat dreaming to be a chef… it’s something only possible in a Disney movie, of course. An observant and smart rat, Remy is different from the others of his pack and is able to see exactly what makes humans human – the ability to create, to dream, infuse meaning into their lives - to do more than just survive! This quote makes me appreciate our endless possibilities.

4 “Life’s Not a Spectator Sport. if Watchin’s All You’re Gonna do, then You’re Gonna Watch Your Life Go by without Ya.” – Laverne, the Hunchback of Notre Dame

I can’t agree more with this motivational quote by Laverne, one of the three gargoyles and Quasimodo’s friend. We need to take initiative and be a part of life, and not just a spectator in order to live life to the fullest. Some wise words for a stone-headed gargoyle statue, right? Now, I know it’s so much easier said than done, but if this quote resonated with you even the slightest bit, then it’s a start!

5 "if Your Heart is in Your Dream, No Request is Too Extreme - Jiminy Cricket

This little partner of Pinocchio is full of wise and inspirational words. If you truly have your heart in what you want to achieve, you can go beyond what you think you are capable of.

6 “Even Miracles Take a Little Time.” – Fairy Godmother, Cinderella

Here’s an interesting quote by the fairy godmother. Even miracles require a little patience. No reward is instant, and maybe Cinderella’s years of kindness and humility is what ultimately brought her the reward - not just a pretty outfit, but a chance to fulfill her dream. And although not directly mentioned in the quote, perhaps the godmother’s quote embeds the additional meaning that great things can happen when we don’t stop dreaming, and more importantly, when we never give up.

7 Django: “This is the Way Things Are. You Can't Change Nature.” Remy: "Change is Nature, Dad. the Part That We Can Influence. and It Starts when We Decide." - Django and Remy, Ratatouille

Here is another quote from Ratatouille. (I just love this movie!) Don’t think you can’t change the world because that change you want to bring is not the accepted norm. Many good ideas were considered crazy at first! Accepting a rat as a chef in the real world might not be so probable, but as a human, you have to power to affect our world in even the smallest ways. Change takes time, so even if you can’t make the world change overnight, if you have contributed to making it one step closer to becoming reality, maybe you have done your part the best and most beautiful way you could.

I think that even fairy-tales, no matter how magical and mythical they seem, can teach us universal truths that are relevant to our very real lives. Which one of these did you find the most interesting? Are there other good Disney quotes you would like to share?

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