10 Bad Habits to Change for a Better Lifestyle ...


10 Bad Habits to Change for a Better Lifestyle ...
10 Bad Habits to Change for a Better Lifestyle ...

Are you sat at your computer or with your phone right now just thinking, ‘hmm, what can I do to make my lifestyle a more productive and healthy one?’, then congratulations, you have come to the right place! I happen to be of the opinion that there is no such thing as an unsolvable or irredeemable problem. Most of the issues that contribute to living a ‘bad’ lifestyle are things that can be fixed with simple behavior adjustments and changes of attitude. Here are 10 bad habits to change for a better lifestyle.

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Waiting for the Weekend

Stop waiting for the weekend to have all of your fun, because all it does is make for a stressful week that you are then too tired by to actually enjoy Saturday and Sunday. Make the time to socialize with your besties and loved ones during the week so that your mind isn’t as full of stress.


Social Media

There is nothing wrong with having all of the popular social media accounts, but the habit you need to break is checking them every two seconds. Twitter and Facebook are fine if you just want to kill some time, but that can start to be a problem when you are living more online than in real life.


Fast Fashion

Make the effort to stop supporting the fast fashion industry. It’s tempting to buy ten shirts that are cheaply made and inexpensive, but it pays better to spend a little more and get something of real quality, not to mention the ethical issues.



Just because you are a woman and you have the power to multitask, it doesn’t mean that you should be doing it all the time! There is something calming and clarifying about taking one thing at a time, so take pleasure in ticking things off a list rather than leaving everything half done.


Social Smoking

Social smoking is so 2002, we are past the point of being able to ignore how bad it is for your health! If you aren't addicted to the nicotine, then really, what are you doing? Spending too much money on tobacco and just hurting your lungs in the process - that's what!



Work on trying to see the silver lining in every cloud rather than homing in on the negative straight away. Complaining at the first sight of an obstacle is a bad habit to get into because it sucks the energy out of a situation.



Try no to get too clingy in your friendships; it isn’t a good look for a mature adult. Make sure that you respect boundaries and find a dynamic with each of your friends that works for both of you.



It is a terrible habit to allow your house plants to die before their time. This kind of lack of care is a reflection of the lack of care that you are probably giving to other aspects of your life.


Accept the Unchangeable

There is no point struggling and spending energy on fighting against the things that you cannot change. You should work on accepting those things so that you are left with more energy and enthusiasm to change the things that are actually moveable.



Why should you have to keep compromising on things that you actually deserve? Get out of the habit of being a pushover, and start demanding the respect and the experiences that are rightfully yours.

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