7 Timeless Pieces of Advice That Anyone Can Use ...


7 Timeless Pieces of Advice That Anyone Can Use ...
7 Timeless Pieces of Advice That Anyone Can Use ...

Whether you’re looking to give advice to someone, or you need some advice of your own, it never hurts to look towards timeless pieces of advice that are good for just about anyone to know, in any given situation. Throughout my life, I’ve had various people give me advice for various purposes. Some pieces of advice were obviously better than others, but none the less, I was grateful to everyone who was willing to lend their own two cents of advice my way. What I found was that the best advice I ever received were often timeless pieces of advice that have been around for many years. Here are my favorites and ones I think some of you will enjoy too!

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Things Are Always Better in the Morning

This piece of advice has always been one of my favorite timeless pieces of advice. It puts perspective on trials and circumstances by shedding light on the fact that in the midst of a bad day, or a during a less-than-stellar time in our life, each morning offers a new start. The best thing we can do is sometimes just to go to bed and get a good night’s rest so we can look at the day ahead with a new attitude and a well- rested mind and body. We adapt to stress much easier when we approach the day with a night of good sleep and we handle problems better too.


Give More, Want Less

I love this piece of advice because it reminds me that we should never stop giving to one another, nor should we increase our earthly desires more than we increase our giving towards others. It can be so easy to get caught up in life and what we need, want and desire, that we lose sight of what is around us, and how much we actually do have. Instead of thinking about how much you want something or when you feel like you don't have everything you desire, try turning your frame of mind around into, “Who do I know that is in a great need of something right now, and how can I help them?” This will put your mind into focus on what is really important and also on how you can help someone else, plus it gets your mind off obsessing over your own desires and wants. Think of someone else around you who needs something and put your energy and focus into giving them what they need. I promise that you'll hardly want whatever it was you thought you couldn't live without once you see how happy you can make someone else.


You Can’t Take It with You when You Go

This is also one of my favorite things that most older people have told me, and it is so true! Many times, when I first started working a long time ago, I would get caught up in thinking how much money I needed to save up for a rainy day or how much I needed to save for my future. Simultaneously, I was missing out on so many things, like vacations, outings with friends, or simply spur of the moment activities. While we should be smart with our money, we should also remember you can’t take it with you when you go and money will come and go your entire life. You should take care of your finances, but you should also live and not sacrifice living for saving. I cringe at how I would buy a new outfit and not wear it for months, “saving it” for a special occasion, yet never getting around to something special enough. Now, I know I can’t take any of it with me when I go, thanks to the many people who reminded me to live instead of save for a day I might not ever see. Saving is important, but so is living!


Your Integrity Will Outlive Your Popularity

Boy, this is a great piece of advice if I ever heard one! As a woman, it can be easy to get caught up in gossip and wanting to be popular. Or, it can be tempting to sacrifice our integrity to fit into an image that we feel the world wants us to live up to. Instead of living to being popular, which people often tire of and outgrow, live up to an integrity that people will remember far beyond how much with the “in” crowd you were, or how much you fit into an image to please society. Almost every single person I tried to fit in with at 15 years old, or tried to please with my appearance at age 20, I never even see anymore. Even though my heart was compassionate and giving, I am much more confident, happy and content with myself than I was back then. I simply hope they remember who I was on the inside, more than what kind of jeans I wore, or if I weighed a certain amount.


Stop Worrying so Much

This advice is so simple, but so hard to do! We often believe that if we worry enough we can change our problems, or maybe we worry anyway, even if we know we can’t change our circumstances. Either way, you’re wasting good energy on something you can’t change. Stop worrying your life away. I'm working on this too, by the way, so you're not alone if you haven't mastered it yet! Instead of giving yourself a new set of worry wrinkles for no reason, do what I do instead. Focus on what you can do right now to change your situation, and if that is nothing, then focus on remembering that things will work out somehow, someway and that there is a reason this is happening that will create something better later. I speak from years of experience with this one; trust me! I've been through more than most people could imagine at my age and I promise that worry never changed anything for me!


Moderation in Everything

My grandmother used to tell me this when I was overcoming an eating disorder, and though I’m still a health nut and always will be, I now live by this timeless piece of advice. Everything in moderation, as Nana always said, is the best way to approach decisions and balance. Need some examples? For starters, I used to obsess over eating the same thing everyday or certain food groups. So, now, if I want to have two servings of the same food a day, I do, and if I want to eat breakfast all day, I do. If I’m at the store, I even try to keep the same piece of advice in mind with my budget and remember that I don’t necessarily need 10 containers of something that is on sale, but instead, I can buy one or two and be content. Of course I'm human and don’t always live by this perfectly, but I do my best! Either way, it’s a great piece of advice to keep in mind for anyone in any situation.


This Too Shall Pass

I love, love, love this piece of advice, or rather a piece of perspective, I guess you could call it. Either way, it deserves a spot on this list! This advice reminds me that we should remember that every problem, every trial, every piece of stress, and ever hurt will eventually pass over. Once it does, we’ll be left stronger, more competent, and more faithful in this advice. Adversity creates integrity. Keep remembering that, and remember that “this too shall pass,” whatever you’re waiting to pass over in your life.I can attest to the truth in this positive, powerful statement, and trust me, every storm will pass and the sun does come out again, my dears!

I love finding or receiving new pieces of advice to remember when I’m a little more frazzled or confused over something in my own life. Do you have a good piece of advice you would like to share? Please do and thanks in advance!

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I LOVE this article! Thanks so much

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Give more, want less. The world would be so much fuller if we all lived by that!

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