Ways to DetoxYour Junk Emotions for Girls Who Feel out of Control ...

By Neecey

Ways to DetoxYour Junk Emotions for Girls Who Feel out of Control ...

Have you ever thought that some of your emotions are just as bad for your health as junk fund? If you indulge in your junk emotions, you’re creating psychological damage in the same way as stuffing hamburgers creates physiological damage. In the same way you decide to do a body detox after a period of not so healthy eating, you should consider doing an emotion detox after a slump or a bad time. This is how:

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Be Brave and Acknowledge Your Pain

The first Noble Truth of the Buddha is that life is suffering, and if it’s true for the Buddha then it is certainly true for all of us! The message here is to not bottle up your emotions, acknowledge your pain and you will be able to cleanse yourself at a much quicker rate.


Be Honest with Others and with Yourself

You will never be able to move on from a negative period in your life if you are not honest with how much it has affected you. Be honest both with yourself and with other people when they offer to listen to your problems and want to help you get over this bad period.


Let It out, Let It All out

There is no merit to being the strong, silent type. If you feel like you want to have a good, long cry then you sit down and you do it. The release of pent up emotion that crying can bring can be so cathartic and cleansing; it’s a natural emotional detox.


Unplug from All of Your Social Media

Sometimes, the distraction that social media can provide us means that we never get around to facing our problems and trying to get over them. Give yourself a chance to address your emotional issues by staying off your SM channels and spending some time with yourself and your emotions.


It’s Okay to Feel Sorry for Yourself

There seems to be some sort of stigma around the thought of feeling sorry for yourself, as if people expect you to just straight back in to normal life after a heartbreak. That’s rubbish, it’s perfectly fine to wallow in your sadness for a while, it can be cathartic.

Famous Quotes

If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

Warren Buffett

Take a Break from Your Responsibilities

Offload as many responsibilities as you physically can and give yourself a chance to relax and breath away from the stress and anxiety of everyday life. This doesn’t mean shutting yourself away, just focusing more on yourself than other people.


Pick Your Entertainment Media Wisely

If you are feeling sad and vulnerable, then you probably don’t want to watch anything that is going to break your heart. Stick to the comedies and stay away from things like Marley & Me or Titanic!


Surround Yourself with Affirming People

Surround yourself with the friends and family members that you know will not judge your emotional state and will help you get over this period and reconnect your current self to your best self.


Watch Shows That Will Warm Your Heart

There is plenty of TV out there that is kind of brainless but hits that sweet spot of enjoy-ability. Something like Extreme Home Makeover is perfect to sit and be happy through!


Be Kinder to Yourself

Finally, don’t be so hard on yourself. You are your own biggest critic, and once you start to be kinder to yourself, you might find that your overall look on life becomes a whole lot more positive.

Doesn’t even just the thought of an emotion detox make you feel better?

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Meant - I've been going thru an emotional detox

Great article! I'm been going they an emotional detox of my own lately.

I always said to my* self ;)

Thank you so much Dear Neecey Beresford for this articel, I am in a sucks moment from lastnite n now reading this makes me smile n the tips are true. Lastnite I let it all out n true it makes us feels better, it doesn't matter what they think after, as long as we true to ourself, and always remember that "theres a rainbow after a rainy day" or "theres always a light at the end of the tunnel" :) and more importantly if that worse moment hitting me, I always said to self "have faith in me" :) and it help so much :) Btw I am from Bali. Cheers to y'all guys ;)

What about daydreaming?? I think it is a way of escaping