Random Acts of Kindness for the Run up to the Holidays ...

By Cassandra

Random Acts of Kindness  for the Run up to the Holidays  ...

One of my favorite things about the holiday 🎇 season is how much warmer, happier and more giving everyone can be. Now's the time ⏰ to focus on what really matters: Treating others with respect and kindness. One 1️⃣ of the ways we can do that is by expressing our gratitude not just to our family 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 and friends but to total strangers too! An advent calendar 📆 is the perfect 👌 way to do this. The best part is that you can even continue checking ☑️ off this list well past New Year's. The truth is that we can all benefit from a little kindness 365 days a year.

Table of contents:

  1. leave a holiday greeting card 🎇 for your mail carrier 📧
  2. the next time you're grabbing coffee ☕, remember to pay it forward
  3. give a compliment to someone who looks like they could really use one 😚
  4. donate money, food 🍡 or your time 🕜 to your local shelter or soup kitchen 🍲
  5. leave sweet post-it notes around the house 🏠 for your partner to find
  6. thank your teacher or boss with a homemade gift
  7. bake treats for the homeless
  8. shovel your neighbor's driveway without being prompted
  9. smile 😊 at someone who looks like they could really use one 💙
  10. wash the dishes without being asked to
  11. let someone skip ⏩ you in line for the bus 🚌 or train
  12. leave extra change in the metrocard vending machine along with a note
  13. donate your gently worn clothes to your local shelter, goodwill or the salvation army
  14. donate supplies to an animal 🐰 shelter
  15. drop off toys at your local charity, old or new
  16. walk your neighbor's dog 🐶
  17. say thank you 🙏 to service workers stuck working the holiday season 🎅
  18. pass out cute sticker packs 💟 to the kids waiting in line to meet santa
  19. make a holiday card 🎇 and christmas treats 🍬 for your neighbor
  20. host a carol-oke night 🎤 at your house 🏣 and invite friends who are spending the holidays alone
  21. challenge 🆚 the neighborhood kids to a snowball fight
  22. thank your parents for everything they do for you 🤗
  23. leave positive notes on the train 🚅 for a stranger to find
  24. send a hug 👐 to someone you love
  25. thank a veteran for his or her service

1 Leave a Holiday Greeting Card 🎇 for Your Mail Carrier 📧

Give thanks where thanks is due. Your mail carrier 📫 is the reason why the cards ✉️ and gifts you ordered online made it safely to your family.

2 The Next Time You're Grabbing Coffee ☕, Remember to Pay It Forward

You never know who's day 🌞 you'll make.

3 Give a Compliment to Someone Who Looks like They Could Really Use One 😚

Spread the holiday cheer 🎅!

4 Donate Money, Food 🍡 or Your Time 🕜 to Your Local Shelter or Soup Kitchen 🍲

Help those in need have a warm and loving 💏 Christmas.

5 Leave Sweet Post-it Notes around the House 🏠 for Your Partner to Find

Waking up to a lovely note 💌 is a great way to start the morning.

6 Thank Your Teacher or Boss with a Homemade Gift

The gifts that come from the heart 💜 are the ones we usually remember and cherish.

7 Bake Treats for the Homeless

Bonus points if you drop them off with a blanket and holiday card 🎇.

8 Shovel Your Neighbor's Driveway without Being Prompted

You can turn this into a fun family competition 🏁 by betting on who shovels the most snow!

9 Smile 😊 at Someone Who Looks like They Could Really Use One 💙

I don't know if this is just me but seeing someone offer me a genuine smile usually breaks me out of my bad mood.

10 Wash the Dishes without Being Asked to

Your mom-grandma-aunt spent all day cooking. It's only fair that you help out by cleaning.

11 Let Someone Skip ⏩ You in Line for the Bus 🚌 or Train

You're all going the same place, right?

12 Leave Extra Change in the MetroCard Vending Machine along with a Note

Happy travels 🚌!

13 Donate Your Gently Worn Clothes to Your Local Shelter, Goodwill or the Salvation Army

This has the added bonus of freeing up some much-needed space in your closet.

14 Donate Supplies to an Animal 🐰 Shelter

How can you say no 👎 to those adorable 💟 faces?

15 Drop off Toys at Your Local Charity, Old or New

You'll be responsible for putting a smile 😀 on a little one's face.

16 Walk Your Neighbor's Dog 🐶

The weather is only getting colder ❄️. Why not do something nice for your elderly 👴 neighbor by walking his or her dog 🐶?

17 Say Thank You 🙏 to Service Workers Stuck Working the Holiday Season 🎅

Remember that while you are at home 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 celebrating with your loved ❤️ ones, they're still out there braving the cold ⛄ (and crowds).

18 Pass out Cute Sticker Packs 💟 to the Kids Waiting in Line to Meet Santa

It doesn't get any sweeter than this!

19 Make a Holiday Card 🎇 and Christmas Treats 🍬 for Your Neighbor


20 Host a Carol-oke Night 🎤 at Your House 🏣 and Invite Friends Who Are Spending the Holidays Alone

This is my favorite way to get into the holiday spirit.

21 Challenge 🆚 the Neighborhood Kids to a Snowball Fight

You'll have the excuse of warming up with a cup of hot cocoa ☕ right after!

22 Thank Your Parents for Everything They do for You 🤗

This should happen every day but sadly, it doesn't. I know I am guilty of this.

23 Leave Positive Notes on the Train 🚅 for a Stranger to Find

All it takes is one positive comment to brighten someone's day 😀.

24 Send a Hug 👐 to Someone You Love

Making this is super easy!

25 Thank a Veteran for His or Her Service

Sometimes, a simple handshake or even just listening to them tell their story is enough.

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