Benefits of Being a List Maker You Might Want to Consider before Writing the Task off ...


Benefits of Being a List Maker You Might Want to Consider before Writing the Task off ...
Benefits of Being a List Maker You Might Want to Consider before Writing the Task off ...

Being a list maker is a secret tool to my success in multitasking and meeting many deadlines in a very busy life! Since I have always kept a busy schedule, lists have given me a sense of peace and saved me time and time again when it came to organizing events, school, work and life in general. These few suggestions could encourage you to see the benefits of being a list maker, and maybe even motivate you to start your own!

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Whether you are in a post-secondary program, a career woman or a hard working stay at home mom, there are endless ways that being a list maker can keep you organized. Something that really worked for me was keeping a list for the different areas of my life – school, work and personal. Having dedicated lists for each area makes it possible to get all of those important tasks done and still maintain your personal life!


Combat Forgetfulness

By nature I am a forgetful person; therefore, lists continue to prevent me from missing those really important deadlines or events that are part of the busy schedule I keep. Especially while in university, lists helped me to keep track of all the projects I was working on so I didn't throw away marks by missing those crucial deadlines! A suggestion for you is that every time you get the itch that you might just be forgetting something important, go consult that list of yours and make sure that you don’t miss a beat!


More Time

I constantly hear friends and coworkers comment on how they need more time in their lives and couldn’t everyone use a little more of that precious time? Having a busy schedule prevents you from having a lot of free time to sit around and relax, but keeping lists might just add a few hours to your day – I promise! For example, I always make sure I take have a grocery list with me when I go to the store so that I don’t forget anything that I needed back at the ranch. Almost every time I forget to bring one with me, I end up wasting time by having to go back and pick up an odd item that didn’t pop up in my head while I was there – SO frustrating! You can avoid the headaches I’ve encountered by keeping a list, and free up some precious time in your day!


Efficiency at the Office

A tip for improving how efficient and effective you are at the office is to keep an ongoing list. Having a list beside me (and a pen handy) at work made everything so much easier, as I was able to quickly scribble out any new task that was thrown my way! By freeing up some time by being organized, you may just witness vast improvements in your efficiency with reports, getting tasks completed, etc. and who doesn’t love an efficient employee?


Avoid Being Flaky

Anytime I get approached to work on something, go out for lunch, etc. I consult with my schedule and ongoing list to make sure I have time before committing. I know that friends and coworkers would much rather hear that you will check your schedule and get back to them before committing to something that you just might have trouble finishing (I’ve learned this tip the hard way). It has saved my relationships and made me much more reliable when it comes to making and keeping plans with cherished friends and loved ones! If you want to reverse a title of being ‘flaky,’ or want to prevent a title of being just that, try this tip and you might just keep an edge on your precious reputation!


Excel at Work

Improving your efficiency can help you make a solid impression on your boss! Being known for always getting things done and not bailing on projects or plans last minute can bring up your a-game and help you excel at work. I’m an advocate for giving yourself a much needed and well deserved pat on the back, but it sure feels good when your boss is doing it for you – he he!


A Sense of Calm

How stressful is it to sit down in a class or at a meeting and learn that you just forgot a super important deadline… not fun! Stress is a constant in life, but keeping track of all those things that you have on your plate might help give you a sense of calm. Keeping your schedule manageable and not wasting precious time on little things also gives you more time for those really important practices, like meditation and exercise. Keeping balance and bringing anxiety levels down is healthy and beneficial for everyone – it sure worked for me and I have a feeling it just might for you too!

There is something so rewarding about crossing things off a list of to dos… the satisfaction alone is enough to keep lists as an organizational practice in my life! Whether you are a familiar with the idea, or new to the concept entirely – everyone can improve so many aspects of their daily lives by being a list maker. Give it a whirl… you won’t be sorry you did! What tips do you have for keeping yourself organized? Adding a few new ideas to my own toolbox never hurts!

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