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42 Eye-Catching Teen Room Decors for Inspiration ...

By Vladlena

Sometimes the best way to come up with your own ideas is to look through somebody else's so if you need a little inspiration for teen room decors, you've clicked on the right post! For most people, their room is their sanctuary. A place where they can always feel safe and comforted, which is why it's important to make it homey and pleasant from the start. So here are some of the most eye-catching teen room decors for your inspiration!

1 Compacted Design for More Space

Compacted Design for More SpaceVia Teen Bedroom Ideas {Girl} - ...

It's hard to work with small spaces as you are limited to what you can do but with these type of teen room decors, space shouldn't be a problem!

2 Fun Patterns and Beautiful Light Fixture

Fun Patterns and Beautiful Light FixtureVia //kids rooms//

This beautiful daisy light fixtures draws all of the attention, but the patterned designs still don't fall back to the background.


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3 Fairy Lights

Fairy LightsVia Fairy Lights for Bedroom to ...

Fairy lights are what teens are into nowadays and you can see why! The lights attribute to a very whimsical ambiance of the room.

4 Wall Decorations and Lights

Wall Decorations and LightsVia Alegria de uns, tristeza de ...

Where is the best way to express yourself than on the walls of your own room? Adding pictures as decorations gives a very personalized feel to the room, therefore making it much cozier.

5 Stylish and Fancy Decor

Stylish and Fancy DecorVia Most Funky and Beautiful Girly ...

This decor in particular are what some teens girls dream of! It's glamorous, stylish yet still homey and welcoming.

6 Tumblr Bedroom

Tumblr BedroomVia MIZ

This room seems to be taken out straight out of a Tumblr page. It's simple and roomy yet very feminine and elegant.

7 Girly and Cheerful Design

Girly and Cheerful DesignVia neon dream. / sfgirlbybay

Who wouldn't want this sort of decor? The couch by itself is a jackpot, but take into account the heart picture collage and other small details and this is a room is perfect for almost anyone.

8 Sleek and Put-together

Sleek and Put-togetherVia Teen Bedrooms For Girls Design, ...

The decor of the room and the combination of colors work together perfectly for an adorable room, any girl would kill for!

9 Bright and Fun Decor

Bright and Fun DecorVia Teen Bedroom Ideas Design Ideas, ...

Personally I love the choice of colors and most of all, the light fixture!

10 Unique Bed Set up

Unique Bed Set upVia

Love the idea of a lowered bed into the floor, it's unique and very out of the ordinary!

11 Elegant and Calm Style

Elegant and Calm StyleVia Ivy de Leon Design | ...

What i love about this room decor is that it has very calming effects. The color choice is very easy on the eyes and the light fixture perfectly ties into the design.

12 Busy Decor


Personally I am a big fan of very busy designs instead of plain walls. There is something very homey and beautiful about having most of the space occupied but of course without the clutter!

13 Decorated Vanity

Decorated VanityVia teen room ideas

When it comes to room decor, every little detail counts. And the little touch of lights wrapped around the vanity massively changes the whole atmosphere of the room.

14 Dandelion Wall Decals and Simple Decor

Dandelion Wall Decals and Simple DecorVia Sophisticated Teen Bedrooms - Polyvore

The dandelion wall decal fills in the empty spaces on the wall and ties the whole decor of the room together.

15 Clean and Sophisticated Design

Clean and Sophisticated DesignVia Warm and Cool Color Schemes ...

Absolutely adore the color scheme of the room! The blends of the soft shades of blue and purple really compliment each other.

16 Stylish Two Story

Stylish Two StoryVia 55 Stylish Teen Bedroom Design ...

Yet another example of how easy it can be to save space in what is already a small room without compromising the aesthetic beauty of the bedroom.

17 Modern Feel

Modern FeelVia

The whole decor of them room is very simple with only a few a pop of colors, but it definitely works!

18 Simple Yet Bold

Simple Yet BoldVia

Perfect design for those people, who are searching for something simple but still attention-worthy.

19 Tasteful with an Eastern Feel

Tasteful with an Eastern FeelVia Bedroom ideas

Love the sophisticated bed frame and the absolute setup of the room in this shot.

20 Fairytale Inspired

Fairytale InspiredVia Google Decorator: Most Beautiful Furniture ...

Walking into a room like this can be mistaken for entering a world of fairytales!

21 Small Space Solution

Small Space SolutionVia

Small spaces? Tall ceiling? This is the solution!

22 Compacted Yet Spacious


Love the seclusion of the bed from the rest of the room and the numerous storage spaces!

23 Classy and Chic

Classy and ChicVia - en av Sveriges ...

White furnitures really brings more light into the bedroom, illuminating every corner.

24 Busy and Fun

Busy and FunVia Teen's Room photo 800x522

Every teen could use a little lounge area near the window!

25 An Attic Set up

An Attic Set upVia PB Teen Bedroom Inspiration | ...

Attic bedrooms can be a little tricky to work with, but this setup is flawless!

26 Lilac Decor

Lilac DecorVia Toddler Bedroom Design

Loving the matching pieces that tie the whole room together.

27 Royalty Inspired

Royalty InspiredVia Z_Client: Stephanie Pyle decks out ...

Just because you are not royalty doesn't mean that you can't have a lavish bedroom.

28 Magical Feel

Magical FeelVia Beautiful Bedrooms

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of fairy lights!

29 Intricate and Elegant

Intricate and ElegantVia Teen Room Decorating Ideas, Teen ...

Love the elegancy this design brings to this room.

30 Space Limitations

Via I like this!

By turning your bedroom into a two story room, you can save lots of space and achieve a unique decor.

31 Opaque and Light Color Scheme

Opaque and Light Color SchemeVia teen bedroom on Tumblr

The color matching of light greens with a few pops of olive and pink, brings more coziness and comfort to the room.

32 Girly and Classic

Girly and ClassicVia

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