11 Things Every Girl Must Accomplish in Life and Not Let Love Get in the Way ...


11 Things Every Girl Must Accomplish in Life and Not Let Love Get in the Way ...
11 Things Every Girl Must Accomplish in Life and Not Let Love Get in the Way ...

Love is blind. That’s the cliche saying we all know, right? Well, just how true is that line? If you do in fact let love blind you, you may be missing out on life. You’re young and beautiful, here are a few things to accomplish in life without letting love get in the way!

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Have a Friend That’s like a Sister

Every girl needs a BFF that will never be replaced by a man, ever. Some friends sadly come and go but finding that one person who you trust and love like a sister is something you should definitely accomplish in life. I have 3 girlfriends that I truly consider as a sister and no matter what guy comes and goes in my life, I know that we’re always going to be here for each other.


Live with No Regrets

Sometimes love can hold you back from doing things in your life that you otherwise would have wanted to do. Make sure that you don’t let a person control your mood, your decision making, or your happiness. Live your life with no regrets.


Be Kind to Yourself

You are worthy and you are special. No matter how a man has ever made you feel or making you feel right now, one thing you need to promise yourself is that you will accomplish a feeling of self love. Be confident and comfortable in your skin. Confidence and self love brings light in the world and you are a light!


Take Yourself out on Dates

Every girl needs to take herself out on a date. Have you been wanting to get your nails done for a while but just haven’t found the time? Have you been eyeing something at the store but nobody’s free to go with you? Well, take your cute lil self out on a date and spend the day doing something that you love to do. Whatever it is!


Do Something out of Your Comfort Zone

On the other hand, do something totally crazy that you’ve never done before! To give you an example, I took myself out on a date recently and got my cartilage pierced and finally got my ears pierced for the 2nd time (on both ears of course). I’ve been wanting to get a 2nd piercing for so long but wasn’t brave enough to do it until now. It was an exhilarating rush to get it done and it was very out of my comfort zone.


Go after That Job You Want

Don’t limit yourself to anything. Don’t put yourself in a box. If you’ve been wanting a Celebrity Assistant job or an Art related job or a, I don’t know, science related job…whatever your style and flavor, go out and get it! Set the intention and accomplish it. Obviously, this doesn’t need to happen today or tomorrow, but put it on your bucket list of things to accomplish in your life! Hopefully it will be very soon because you deserve to be in a job that you love and want.


Splurge on Something You Love

Every girls’ gotta splurge at least once…or twice (a month)…ha! No but really, splurging for something that you love must be on your bucket list. Be reasonable with what you buy, don’t take this as an encouragement for you to go buy yourself a new car! But a nice handbag, a more expensive set of earrings or bracelet, sure, why not right?


Party like a Rock Star

It’s your party and you can cry if you want to. Every girl has got to go or throw that one party that everyone talks about. At least once in your lifetime. Be smart about your night out but have fun and let loose a bit. Pull out that dress you’ve been wanting to wear for forever, get all dolled up, take selfies with all your besties, and party like a rock star.


Laugh at Your Mistakes

Don’t sweat the small stuff, or the big stuff. Not worth it. When something happens to you in your life that you can’t control, the best medicine is laughing at yourself. You can’t control things and the best news is that you don’t have to always try and control things. Biggest life lesson is to accept that you are allowed to make mistakes, heck, it’s healthy to make mistakes. It’s how you grow and mature!


Do Something That Scares You

At least once, do something so out there that scares you. For me, like I had already mentioned, it was getting my cartilage pierced. It was something so out of my comfort zone and the thought of a needle going through my cartilage was terrifying. Now that I have it done, I feel empowered and feel like I can conquer another fear!


Discover a New Hobby

Life is too boring if you don’t have hobbies. Find something that excites you and just do it. Cooking class; cake decorating class; swimming lessons; painting; horse back riding…anything! What do you feel most drawn to? Whatever that thing is, go do it.

Obviously this list could keep going because every girl must accomplish a lot of things in life, but these are the few things that I’ve personally been working on and striving to accomplish. What is one thing that you want to accomplish in your life?

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It's like... You know you have to do it but you miss the point in your own routine and you stop doing these important things, so, thanks for this reminder. Lovely

Great post!

3,4 are a must I have friends who feel guilty if they get a manicure and didn't buy their kids anything . Life is meant to be shared kids grow up and move away what will you do then ?

Love this; a mindset I definitely need! Thank you x

Its hard to find a friend like a sister, I don't have a sister :(

Such a wonderful article. Not rocket science or anything. Most of these one already k ows but fkrgets when feeling down. This wonderful reminder was just what i needed today so, thank you.

Can't find that friend that's like a sister. I thought I had one but she just suddenly stopped calling, stop using social media, and stopped coming around. Her mom said she's okay though.

What a delight to read something that does not force you to find a man but rather to find yourself. I truly enjoyed the article.

Amazing !! So helpful 😍

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