7 Really Important Resolutions You Should Make and Keep This Year ...


7 Really Important Resolutions You Should Make and Keep This Year ...
7 Really Important Resolutions You Should Make and Keep This Year ...

What are the resolutions you should make in 2017? It's almost tradition to make resolutions knowing that you're not going to keep them. They usually revolve around losing weight, getting fit or finding a partner, and these are worthy goals. But there are many other changes you could make to your life that will enhance it. Here are the resolutions you should make - and keep - this year …

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Improve Society

Start off this year by doing your bit towards making society a better place. People are becoming increasingly aware of the need to connect more with other people and contribute towards improving their community. Do whatever you can to help your community - there are many options for voluntary work - or to make the world that little bit better.


Stop Stressing about Small Things

Do you get annoyed or stressed at a late train or someone pushing in front of you? Usually we feel that we should be annoyed, and that is what stresses us. Try not to worry about small things. Ask yourself if it really matters when you run out of milk in the morning (have toast instead) or if you have to wait a little longer in the queue.


Stop Wasting Time on the Internet

Make this the year when you stop wasting time on the internet. We all do it - me included. So stop checking celeb gossip sites, constantly refreshing Twitter and posting selfies on Facebook. Use the time to learn something new - there are plenty of educational sites on the net - or find a more interesting hobby away from the computer.


Be Less Apathetic about Politics

This is a really important New Year's Resolution. It's easy to feel apathetic and that we can't change anything about politics. But we can't very well complain about our current representatives and laws if we do nothing to change them. Lobby your congressman, join a campaigning group or stand for local elections - but do something. And above all, vote - we won't get a perfect system, but we should stand up and be counted.


Cut out the Deadwood

Are you hanging on to old friendships that have lost their meaning? Or do you put up with people who treat you badly and bring nothing to your life? Even family can be a negative influence. Or do you cling on to old habits that aren't doing you any good? Make this the year that you cut out the deadwood and let go of anything (or anyone) who is weighing you down.


Value Your Friends

We often take our friends for granted, even when they do a great deal for us. This year, show your friends how much you value them. Do something nice for them or tell them how much they enrich your life. Or do both! Friends really make life worthwhile, so be a good friend to them and make sure they know how much they mean to you.


Pay It Forward

Lastly, make a resolution to follow the principle of paying it forward. If someone does something nice for you, do something nice for a third person. It can be someone you know, or a complete stranger, but by doing this you are helping to spread positivity beyond your immediate circle.

So make 2017 a great year for yourself and others with some worthwhile and positive resolutions! What would you like to achieve this year?

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Nicely written! Thanks for sharing 😃

Great tips, we need a lot more of less self-centered new year's resolutions.

What wonderful tips very helpful gotta start acting it out😆

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