9 Ways to Make Your Wishes Come True No Magic Lamp Required ...


9 Ways to Make Your Wishes Come True No Magic Lamp Required ...
9 Ways to Make Your Wishes Come True No Magic Lamp Required ...

I first found out about ways to get everything you have ever wanted in a kind of slow realization. One night I was thinking about the material things I had obtained under uncommon circumstances, as well as the people that would show up at places I had envisioned, but they had no real business being in. That’s when the truth of this law just washed over me like a tsunami! One minute I was thinking how lucky I had been, and the next I was hit full force with the reality of how I made these things happen. So come on, and let me tell you about the ways to get everything you have ever wanted.

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Visualize, Visualize, Visualize

speech, screenshot, You’ve heard of "location, location, location" when it comes to real estate. One of the ways to get everything you have ever wanted is to use the power of visualization. Now just don’t picture yourself in that luxury car you desire. Smell it. Feel the steering wall. Touch the car seat. Turn on the radio. Live the car in your mind. If you live it, it will come.


Don’t Stop Believing

Don’t Stop Believing So you’re visualizing yourself in the car of your dreams and then WHAM! something shifts and you just know this is only a fantasy and there is simply no way you can ever get a car like that, or a man like that, or any one of a dozen things you want. When the negative emotions kick in, just stop. Stop thinking about the object of your desire and pick it up again at a time when you can allow yourself to believe.


Can I do This from My Couch?

dog, mammal, vertebrate, dog like mammal, puppy, Absolutely! But why not take it to the next level? Let’s use an example. You need a new computer and you’ve been looking online at the one you want. That’s good. Now, take it up a notch by going to the store, and see it, touch it and talk about it with a sales associate. You are one with that computer and that’s no hocus-pocus.


Focus, Focus, Focus

person, You might want a whole bunch of stuff, now that you found the key to unlocking this incredible power. But during this process, don’t cloud your mind with too many potential goodies. Instead, pick one thing you really want and make that your focal point. This is NOT as easy as it sounds! You’ll be amazed how often you get distracted.


So I Can Get Any Man I Want?

people, grass family, interaction, Nope. That’s the short answer. When it comes to other people, there needs to be a desire of their own to make the thing complete. No matter how much you visualize it, you can’t be the architect of someone else’s reality. Earlier, I said that I brought people to a place they shouldn’t have been, but the reality is, they too were thinking about this place. Energy from both sides collided and the outcome was determined.


Let It in

people, street, You probably heard that like attracts like. Thoughts will attract their physical equal. Now, you can certainly stop the process of getting what you want if your mind remains closed to the possibility that you can really make things happen with thoughts and very little action. Open your mind to at least the possibility that you can attract what you desire.


Sorry, Money Won’t Fall from the Sky

image, photography, performance art, photo shoot, interaction, This is not to say that you can’t have money as an end game, your goal just needs to be more richly defined. Create the scenario of how you will get a specific amount of money. Then visualize that scenario and enrich the visual each day. Understand that this will put you in the right frame of mind to realize opportunities when they come your way that could put you in a position to end up with those riches.


Commit with Abandon

person, blond, hairstyle, profession, You can visualize, focus and touch, but without true commitment, you have far less chance of accomplishing your goal. When there is something that I want, and it’s not a trifle; it would have real value in my life, I am committed with abandon. I am going to think about having this thing until there is just no possible way it’s not going to happen.


The Law of Attraction

screenshot, Simply put: You can attract things you think about. Bonus: When you nail this, you’ll know it by the incredible way you feel. It’s like a rush going through your body. You’ll feel giddy. You’ll smile without meaning to. You’ll be hyper-aware. This is what happens when you put all the steps together.

Do you employ any or all of the steps that encompass the Law of Attraction? Do you believe you can make things happen? If so, can you share with me some of the things you have attracted into your life?

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I really like this article! Thank you!

z best article ever!!!!!..thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

For How long do I have to do this??????…I need time frame….i did all the things u listed but nothing so far…am not giving up or complaining…am just exhausted…plsss help!

Thank you for this article! It reminds of a book I read Ask the Universe. it is absolutely amazing! visualisation, belief and faith that you can have what ever you want. it has to be realistic! also don't forget to give thanks for what you have receive!!

Ive done this at pinnacle moments in my life...when im sure its mine..i thank God for it and forget about it..it later comes to me when i least expect it...within the same year....beautiful times...but keeping it is sometimes the biggest struggle of my life...

How can I add this article to my favourite? I can't seem to do it anymore since the app was refreshed. thanks

Thank you for your great feedback! When I first learned about the Law of Attraction I just wanted to run around telling everyone! Many years have past since then and I'm finally getting the opportunity to share this amazing truth.

this is from The Secret yes? I totally live by thie

Great article! Believe it or not I discovered this many yrs ago when I was a child...I have basically gotten just about everything I wanted throughout my life..always got the car.. the house..& even the man!! Even healed myself.. it definitely is true.

Wow! I so love it! Thanks

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