The Best Kept Secrets of True Happiness for Girls Who Feel Empty Lately ...


The Best Kept Secrets of True Happiness for Girls Who Feel Empty Lately ...
The Best Kept Secrets of True Happiness for Girls Who Feel Empty Lately ...

Happiness is one of life’s greatest blessings, right? Of course! But what are the secrets of true happiness? Everyone wants to be happy and many even go out of their way to achieve it. People are drawn to you when you’re always full of smiles and laughter.

But when you’re moody, you lose passion. This has caused many people to give up on life just because they’re not happy with someone or something. In the end, this state sucks your emotional reserve and leaves you disillusioned.

Everyone loves to be around an upbeat person who is excited with life. Such a person makes all the gloom go away like a bright sun after a storm. You will observe that most times, you just want to hang around someone who’ll cheer you up. So what are the secrets of true happiness?

But more than merely uplifting your public profile, being merry has its health benefits. Studies have linked sound mental and emotional health to a positive attitude in life. The happier you are, the healthier you are also.

Happiness is like an elixir for all around health and wellness. Although there are a thousand things that make you psychologically drained, chances are that if you keep a clear head, you’d function better at whatever you’re doing.

Ready to discover the secrets of true happiness?

It’s pretty simple and straightforward, really. Here are the top tips for finding lasting happiness. And hey, this list isn’t final - you can add yours.

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Discover Your True Self

Finding out who you are is one of the best secrets of true happiness. You may not realize this, but happiness comes from knowing who you are on the inside. Frustration and discontentment are largely products of misplaced priority and identity. If you know who you are on the inside, and you don’t try to be anything different, you’ll be a much happier person.

This is a fundamental truth that many unwittingly ignore while others downplay it. Happiness comes from your inside, from being true to your calling and from finding your own path in life. It’s like locating your source. Everyone has his or her essence, that one thing that makes you rock, that makes you come alive, that sets you apart from others.

Find what that thing is and live it through. You are uniquely you, and trying to fulfill the expectations or dreams of others will surely make you miserable. You would keep wandering about as though in a desert, or going round in circles, if you do not come into your own.

A train on the track is strong, and a ship in water is glorious, but a fish would struggle to climb up a tree. Get the point?

Find out who you are. Find out what makes you tick, what energizes you. Show me a man who is forever gloomy and depressed, and I’ll show you a man who is far from his place in destiny. Locating your source will infuse you with life and excitement, and radiate for all to see.


Make Someone Happy

This is another important tip for finding happiness. It’s not for nothing that the world is round; the events of our lives occur in a cycle. I’m sure you’ve heard the term, "what goes around comes around." Well, it’s true. Things really do come around, like a boomerang.

This isn’t a cliche, but what you make happen for others will eventually happen for you. That’s how life works. It’s garbage in, garbage out. You can’t reap where you haven’t sown, right? So if you really want to be happy in life, find a way to make someone happy every day. It’s not that complicated.

People naturally derive joy when they help others. Render some form of service that alleviates the challenges of those you meet. And you don’t have to be a firefighter or a medic. You can help people from where you are, by what you have.

True fulfillment in life comes from the things you do for people. Helping people find themselves is a way to find yourself, and putting a smile on someone’s face will also cause you to smile. Also, the sheer knowledge that you’ve given someone a positive push in life is a great reward.

Take this point to heart. You really want to be happy? Make someone happy. Do things for people. Be liberal and generous to the extent that you can. Lend a hand. Get involved in volunteer jobs. The more you’re there for others, the more reasons life gives you to smile.


Expect Little from People

It doesn’t get beyond this. Throughout life, there are all kinds of people you’ll meet. You’re likely to find someone who’ll just spoil your mood or disappoint you in ways you never expected. And I’m not talking about total strangers. I’m referring to your friends, family members and other people that you know and are very familiar with.

The nature of man is fickle, and people can be so unpredictable. In order for you to save yourself a lot of headache and maintain a clear head, you have to bear this at the back of your mind always. Knowing this will help you cushion the impact of the indiscretions of others.

Expecting little from people also ensures that the extent of your emotional hurt is minimized when it does happen. Also, bear in mind that people may not purposely set out to cause you pain or hurt you.

It’s just the way life is, the natural flaw of all mankind. People seem to be inherently wired to fall short of expectation. Every time you put your hopes high, they dash it. You expect one thing, they come up with another.

Your date may end up standing you up after assuring you that he’d be there. That may spoil your mood for the rest of the day, or even week. But his excuses may be founded, and that’s life for you. The online order you placed may be delayed, your neighbor may leave the tap running all night, your parents may decide to get a divorce or your best friend may hurt you really bad.

It’s hard, yes. Take a deep breath and calm yourself. Finally, have it in mind that you’re as likely to find people who are dependable and trustworthy, as people who are the direct opposite.

Definitely, not everyone is callous. And that’s life for you.

So here are my top tips on how to be happy. I hope you found them helpful. Here’s wishing you many happy days ahead!

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