The One Word That Explains Why You're so Loveable Based on Your Star Sign ...


The One Word That Explains Why You're so Loveable Based on Your Star Sign ...
The One Word That Explains Why You're so Loveable Based on Your Star Sign ...

Have you ever had to go through that awkward situation in a job or college interview where the person asks you to describe yourself in one word? Not only is it one of the most annoying questions to receive ever, but it is also actually really difficult! You don’t want to come across as too cocky or too silly or too shy, and at the same time, it can seriously be a bit of challenge to try to some yourself in the single neat package they are asking for. If you’re stuck for an answer, then why not look to astrology for some help? Here is the one word that explains why you’re so loveable based on your zodiac sign!

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Your word is loyalty. There really isn’t much you wouldn’t be willing to do to help out a loved one in need.



Your word is generosity. You are always the first person to offer any kind of help when you see someone in trouble.



Your word is charm. Whether you realise it or not, you can wrap anybody around your little finger in a matter of minutes.



Your word is empathy. You can always sense and understand the feelings of other people, and you are always sensitive to their emotions.



Your word is bravery. You are true to the Leo lion, you have people falling in love with you thanks to your unwavering bravery in the face of struggle or trouble!



Your word is kindness. You are the first person to give some reassuring words to someone going through a tough time.



Your word is heart. No matter what you do, you do it with full conviction, and that kind of commitment and passion draws people to you.



Your word is strength. You don’t seem to get phased by things that other people do, and as a result, they gravitate toward you because your strength feels safe.



Your word is optimism. You always look on the bright side of life, in fact, you don’t know how anybody could operate any other way.



Your word is determination. People know that if they can get close to you, your determination to succeed with rub off on them.



Your word is originality. There is nobody quite like you, and people are instantly taken with your unique outlook on life.



Your word is sensitivity. The caring and understanding nature that you possess is one of the finest qualities anybody could have. You are sensitive to the needs of others and they love you for it.

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