9 Ways to Move past Plateaus in Your Life ...


9 Ways to Move past Plateaus in Your Life ...
9 Ways to Move past Plateaus in Your Life ...

There’s this climb to success that sometimes requires a few ways to move past plateaus. You have worked really hard to get to where you are in your work place, your social life and your love life. Now, you just don’t know what’s next. Well, you’re in luck. These tips will give you ways to move past plateaus like these and on into even more than you can ever imagine.

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Stop and Smell the Roses

There are so many good things going on in your life. Take a few minutes and just really count your blessings. Acknowledge everything that you have going for you now, matter how small it may seem. If it is good, then it counts. No one can belittle anything that means something to you if you truly cherish it. You just have to realize that the good things are there. That’s the start of moving forward with your totally awesome life, and one of the most important ways to move past plateaus.


Re-evaluate Your Goals

What is your plan? It doesn’t have to be for the rest of your life, but it has got to ensure that you are making the best of your life. Make a list of short term goals. Then make a list of long term goals. Somehow your short terms goals should help lead you to your long terms ones. They will if you plan them that way. For example, if you want to become the best painter you can be, make it your goal to paint something every day for a week. Then your goal of having your paintings become as famous as Picasso’s will be possible.


Try Something New

There are so many hobbies and classes that we have yet to try or take. Do not wait another second to go after them. Go ahead and shake a little something in that zumba class. Go ahead and learn Spanish as if it were your first language. You’ve always wanted to go salsa dancing? Well, there's no time like the present to do so. Whatever you have been saving for later may just be what you need to move forward in your life. So with that in mind, do as much as you can to experience new things daily.



When was the last time you helped someone else out? I mean you really went out of your way to ensure their well-being. Perhaps that is the problem. You’ve forgotten how to give of yourself without asking for favors in return. Serving others allows you to learn about yourself. It makes sure that you realize that we need others to be okay too. Changing the focus in your life can make it meaningful and push you past the point of life that you are stuck on. It can make you a whole new person.


Experiment with New Recipes

What do you eat every day? Does it ever change? If not, maybe it should. The saying, "you are what you eat" is very correct. If your food is boring then maybe your life could be too. It’s high time you add a little spice where there is none. It is time to look up those exciting recipes that has everyone buzzing. Change your meals and you could change your life.


Work It out

Sometimes exercise can get you thinking. It releases all of those bright ideas that you just knew you had. Take time to get up and get moving. Exercise your feelings out. You have got to work it out! It sort of like a cleanse, making you feel refreshed and anew.


Write out Your Frustrations

Take a few minutes each week to write out what has frustrated you over the last 7 days. Look it over only once. Then get rid of it. Rip it up to shreds. Cut it into pieces. Do what whatever you want (safely!) then throw it out. Your frustrations can never get the best of you if you know what they are and how to get rid of them. Now that they are physically gone, it will be easier to mentally get rid of them too.


Question the Purpose of Your Life

We all have a grand purpose to our lives. Each and every single one of us was destined to be someone, to do something. Never let a day go by without questioning what your purpose is and what you want to do with your life. When you get stuck, questioning is one of the easiest ways to get up and going again.


Don’t Be Afraid to Start over

Like the Aaliyah song, "If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again." You have every right to stop when you don’t know where you are going and start all over. No one can judge you because it is your life. Don’t worry what others will think. You only have one life. A new start can make it better than how it originally start. Give yourself that chance.

No matter where you have been, you are going somewhere. Your life isn’t over when you hit a plateau. Remember that. Let me know, how you can move forward; what's worked for you?

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