A Girl's Guide 📘 for How to Be Lucky 🍀 ...

It is every individual's desire to be lucky in their life because it feels good, exciting and peaceful. Now the question is how to be lucky? For most people, it will be synonymous to living a perfect and an ideal life, full of luxuries. Whereas, for some people being lucky will be equivalent to being famous and successful. They always admire successful people, either celebrities or businessmen and utter this phrase wishfully: "wow, they are so lucky. I wish I could be lucky like them."

Let me tell you something. No one is born lucky. Rather people strive for success to make themselves lucky. Now here is good news for all those people who want to be lucky. Guess what? I found a recipe for becoming your own good luck charm. Here are all the best ways to get lucky.

1. You Need a Clarity of Your Goal in Life

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Become absolutely clear about what you want because if there is any confusion, then you will never be able to act on it. That's the next step toward being lucky, your "the action plan," if you will. After thinking about what you want, think about how you're going to get it. Visualize yourself as successful as you want to be. Visualize your action plan and feel the bliss of being lucky. If you want to be a writer then visualize yourself as a successful writer who is giving an interview to the media. See yourself telling others about your journey toward becoming a writer and you'll feel that much closer to the goal.

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