Inspiring Quotes to Boost You up when You're Feeling Blue ...

By Sheila

Inspiring Quotes to Boost You up  when You're Feeling Blue ...

In the words of R.E.M, everybody hurts sometimes. Maybe you're going through a breakup or a tough time financially, maybe your career doesn't seem to be heading anywhere or maybe you're just having a bad day. Just remember that this too shall pass. Here are some quotes and a virtual hug if you're sad right now.

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1 Even the Strongest Have a Breaking Point


2 We've All Been There


3 Hang in There

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4 That's Good Advice


5 Cry if You Need to


6 We're All in the Same Boat

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7 Be Patient


8 There's ALWAYS a Silver Lining

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9 Your Sadness is Temporary

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10 It Really Works!

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11 It's Okay to Be Sad


12 You're so Special


13 How else Would You Appreciate the Happy Times?


14 There Are Always Things to Be Grateful for


15 Sometimes You Just Have to Keep on Going


16 You've Been Okay before. You'll Be Okay Now


17 100% True


18 Try to Enjoy the Little Things...


19 This is Not the End


20 The Choice is Yours


21 So True

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22 But It Will Bloom Eventually

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23 Music is Your Friend

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24 So Go Get One Now!

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25 And Finally, a Little Something to Make You Smile

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And 22

And 4 - ALWAYS good advice for me!

This is great! Made me smile. :)

I loved 8, 17 and 20 the most 💞

I really needed these today I've been having a lot of bad days lately

Remember this one ladies "the darkest hour only has sixty minutes!" Sometimes, when I am having a really tough time, I break it down further "the darkest minute only has 60 seconds!" It's important to remember that nothing lasts forever, especially pain

All so good!! Thanks so much!

I cried whole night n till now...found out he brought another girl in his hotel room while we had a plan to meet..lucky I went to his hotel n found out he is in there with a girl. All I want is to make them dissaper, I wish I had magic.. Anyway it breaks me down.. I believe oneday he will feel what I feel.. Theres always a karma. Thanks for the quotes, it makes me more sad but tommorow its another day.. Have faith in me..

#17 honestly so true, story of my life lol

On number 19 I couldn't help but think of an additional sentences: "just don't make a noose. You deserve to live"

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